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This page comprises the full verbal transcript of Infamous 2.


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Leaving Empire City[edit | edit source]

Cole's Origin[edit | edit source]

Cole MacGrath (narrating): Dropped out of college and got a job as a bike courier. Mostly just to piss off my parents. I was someone you'd never notice. Just a guy delivering packages to folks you'd never know. And then one day... a package found me. Thousands died. Five square blocks smashed into rubble... And at the center... was me. Alive... but changed. But no one could have seen what was coming. Back then, Empire City was in quarantine. It had gone to hell. Other people with powers started showing up, and it was my job to sort through it all. Find out who had given me that package, and why. Hell, even my best friend turned his back on me and tried to get powers of his own. But in the end, I found the man responsible. Kessler. He explained everything through a vision of the future. A Beast is coming. A monster only I can defeat, provided that I am strong and ready to face him. A month later, I met Lucy Kuo. She somehow knew all about the Beast, in fact... she had come to help me prepare. Claimed a friend, Dr. Wolfe, had worked on the Ray Sphere prototype. And that he could amplify my powers. All I had to do was go with her down to New Marais. I need those powers. The Beast is coming. And I will be ready.

End of cutscene

Zeke Dunbar: Man, I tell you, Cole, that Agent Kuo? She doesn't mess around, huh. First boat outta town? Chick's got some connections.

Cole MacGrath: This is gonna be a short-term visit, man. We're just gonna get in, I'm gonna get some new powers, and then we're gonna come right back.

Zeke Dunbar: Come on, man! Your deserve to relax! We're going to New Marais!

Cole MacGrath: Hey, I need to be back here and ready when it shows up, Zeke.

Lucy Kuo: Trust me, Cole, you will be ready when you're done working with Dr. Wolfe.

Zeke Dunbar: Work? Ha! Easy, Kuo. When we get there, we're gonna be about the "Three Bs." That's bear... boobs... and mechanical bulls.

Lucy Kuo: Mh hmm. Gentlemen, I don't think that you understand the scope of what is going on here.

(An explosion appears in the distance.)

Lucy Kuo: What is going on?

Cole MacGrath: No! no, no...

(Cole jumps onto the pier to check out the disturbance.)

Lucy Kuo (phone): Uh, MacGrath, we had a deal. This boat is leaving.

Cole MacGrath: Relax, I got time for this.

Civilian: It's MacGrath! Over here!

(Cole blows up the gate.)

Civilian: Yes! Justice!

Civilian: Run! Run!

Cole MacGrath: Out of my way!

Lucy Kuo (phone): Cole, you have to stop him.

(After firing bolts at the Beast.)

Cole MacGrath: Yep! Right here, man!

(After the Beast hurls a large severed statue towards Cole.)

Zeke Dunbar (phone): Cole! Get up, man!

(Cole stands up and looks up at the Beast.)

Cole MacGrath: The Beast.

Cole MacGrath: Kessler told me about you! I'm not going to let it happen!

(After a short fight with the Beast.)

Zeke Dunbar (phone): Now! Give him everything you got!

(Cole strikes the Beast with an Ionic Storm.)

Zeke Dunbar (phone): He, good shot, man! Now get back to the boat. The pier's breaking up!

Lucy Kuo (phone): Nice work, MacGrath, that was... impressive.

Zeke Dunbar (phone): Whoo! Come on, man, jump!

(When the Beast grabs Cole.)

Cole MacGrath: Come on, come on!

(After using Ionic Storm again, Cole falls into the water.)

Zeke Dunbar: Cole! Cole!

Empire City is Dead[edit | edit source]

Cole MacGrath (narrating): The Beast had drained me... Broken my powers... It felt like the end... I almost wish it was... The Beast had just put itself back together. And now Empire City... is dead. Our ship ran for it, fleeing south to New Marais. People kept their distance whether from respect or fear... I don't know. Either way, I was alone. Others kept busy acting out their routines as if it would make the world right again. But I knew better. I had been given powers to defeat the Beast. I was strong... I was ready... I had fought it with everything I had... and it wasn't enough. That needed to change. The next day, I went to work. I helped Zeke create a device to focus my powers. Hell, he'd do anything to be friends like we used to be. Agent Kuo gathered intelligence on the Beast. Town after town was lost as it traveled down the coast. She also used her contacts to requisition a smaller boat. New Marais was in lockdown, wouldn't let anyone in. We were going to have to sneak in through the swamp. I don't know if you've ever let someone down... Got your ass kicked, or straight up failed. But those are the moments that define us. They push you further than you've ever thought possible and force you to make choices. No matter what the cost.


Breaking into New Marais[edit | edit source]

(Upon arriving in New Marais.)

Lucy Kuo: Hello, Cole.

Lucy Kuo: You know, when you go to talk to Wolfe, everything is going to become completely...

(After spotting some enemies ahead.)

Lucy Kuo: Zeke! Zeke! Cut the engine!

Cole MacGrath: What's up?

Lucy Kuo: Militia blockade. We get any closer, and their artillery will sink us.

Cole MacGrath: I guess it's time I go introduce myself.

Zeke Dunbar: Wait up, man! Here she is...

Cole MacGrath: And you're sure it's ready?

Zeke Dunbar: Uh... I hope so. Give her a try!

(Cole activates the device.)

Zeke Dunbar: I'll be damned.

Lucy Kuo: Wow. What is that thing?

Zeke Dunbar: I call it the Amp.

Cole MacGrath: Good work, Zeke.

Zeke Dunbar: Thanks, brother! Go have some fun!

Cole MacGrath: This is gonna make a hell of an impression.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Cole MacGrath: Hey, Kuo, does the NSA even know what you're up to with me?

Lucy Kuo (phone): I took a leave of absence.

Cole MacGrath: Why is that? I mean, you seem pretty... "by the numbers."

Lucy Kuo (phone): The NSA plans to deal with the Beast by deploying the military. Wolfe has a better plan: you. He invented Ray Sphere technology. You want enough power to defeat the Beast, he's your man.

(Upon encounter two Militia troops.)

Militia troop: You shouldn't have come here, freak!

(After defeating two Militia troops with the Amp.)

Cole MacGrath: Hey, Zeke, this Amp's gonna work just fine.

Zeke Dunbar (phone): Alright! Hey, put a couple of notches on it for me, man.

Lucy Kuo (phone): Expect more resistance. The Militia controls everything going in or out of New Marais.

Cole MacGrath: God, how could they let a bunch of hick fascists take over their city?

Lucy Kuo (phone): People do strange things when they're afraid.

(If Cole takes damage defeating two more Militia soldiers.)

Zeke Dunbar (phone): Hey man, you okay? Sounded rough.

Cole MacGrath: I'm fine. Little electricity, I'll heal right up.

(Cole drains electricity.)

Cole MacGrath: Nice.

Lucy Kuo (phone): Cole, looks like you could lower that bridge if you give it some power.

Cole MacGrath: Beats swimming.

Lucy Kuo (phone): Just don't overcharge it. A fire could blow up the entire village.

Cole MacGrath: Yeah it could. I could take all these guys out at once.

Lucy Kuo (phone): Oh yeah, and the women, and the children, and the pets...

(As Cole charged the bridge's power supply.)

Zeke Dunbar (phone): Keep it up!

Lucy Kuo (phone): That did it.

Evil karma dialogue

(Cole continues charging the power supply.)

Lucy Kuo (phone): It's gonna blow.

(The village blows up.)

Zeke Dunbar (phone): Damn, felt the heal from here.

Lucy Kuo: What have you done?

Zeke Dunbar (phone): Things... tend to blow up around him. You get used to it.

End of evil karma dialogue

(After Cole crosses the bridge.)

Lucy Kuo (phone): Cole, thank you for showing some restraint.

Civilian: Help us...

Zeke Dunbar (phone): You know, healing these folks will help win them over.

Evil karma dialogue

Zeke Dunbar (phone): You know, healing these folks will help win them over. That's assuming you don't keep blowing up their homes.

End of evil karma dialogue

(Upon encountering more Militia.)

Militia soldier: He ain't human, kill him!

Militia soldier: You ain't welcome!

Militia soldier: Bertrand's gonna hear about this!

(As Cole approaches the Militia's mortar equipment)

Lucy Kuo (phone): Cole, move, move!

(After taking out the mortar.)

Cole MacGrath: Their mortar's out of commission, but I bet there's more Militia hiding out up ahead.

Lucy Kuo (phone): Okay, let us know when it's clear.

(Cole begins grinding along an electric wire.)

Cole MacGrath: Alright! Now we're moving.

(Cole makes it onto the dock going into New Marais.)

Cole MacGrath: Okay, guys, clear to dock.

Lucy Kuo (phone): Nice, we will come to you, and then head out for Wolfe's lab.

(After the mission is complete.)

Zeke Dunbar (phone): Militia sure has changed this town, ain't nothing like it used to be. Ah, remember?

New Marais[edit | edit source]

Cole MacGrath (narrating): Yeah... Yeah, I remember New Marais. Came here four years ago while learning how to climb. After the flood, half the buildings were abandoned. It was a haven for urban exploration. Hell, even Zeke manned up and gave it a try. Oh, it was great. See, in any other city, you start to climb, you got maybe ten minutes before the cops show up. But here, well, police had their hands full with other things. Place was lawless, it was raunchy, and except for the hangovers, it was God damn heaven. But not anymore. Now these redneck assholes strut up and down the streets eyeballing everybody, looking for "deviants" to punish. Tension's thick. People here... they're ready to explode. Somewhere in this gorgeous corpse of a town is the key to amping up my powers. These pricks, they're going to try to get in my way... try to kill me to keep their town pure. I say bring it.

Forward Momentum[edit | edit source]

Lucy Kuo: Zeke, you move that boat at the fist sign of trouble.

Zeke Dunbar: Aye aye, Super Spy!

Cole MacGrath: Ah, you expecting a little action?

Lucy Kuo: Militia is going to be on guard after that stunt you pulled in the swamp.

Cole MacGrath: I know I'd be pissed.

Lucy Kuo: Why didn't you blow up those oil tanks in that camp? Would've made getting through a lot easier.

Cole MacGrath: Hey. I'm not about to start torturing families just to make my life a little easier.

Lucy Kuo: Good, that's what I wanted to hear. You made the right choice. I'm impressed, you acted like a professional. Let's go find Wolfe.

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Side missions[edit | edit source]

Dead drops[edit | edit source]

USTV broadcasts[edit | edit source]

Bertrand's advertisements[edit | edit source]

[edit | edit source]

Joseph Bertrand: Friends, let's put something to rest right now. I created the Militia. Not for me, but for you. For your protection. You had to make sacrifices in recent weeks. You had to give up certain... liberties, but it was only to provide security, for you and your family. Now, isn't that worth any sacrifice? What are you being protected from, you ask? Freaks! Abomination! They exist, my friends. They are already among us, and they represent the greatest threat we have ever known. I saw the danger to our fair city. I did not hesitate to ask. I asked you all to find the courage to do the same. Please report unusual behavior by calling the Militia's emergency hotline. Our survival depends on you.

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

Cole MacGrath[edit | edit source]

(When using Pulse Heal.)

  • Hey, I got ya.
  • You'll be okay.
  • Easy now.
  • Here you go.

Pedestrians[edit | edit source]

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