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Leaving Empire City[]

Cole's Origin[]

Cole MacGrath (narrating): Dropped out of college and got a job as a bike courier. Mostly just to piss off my parents. I was someone you'd never notice. Just a guy delivering packages to folks you'd never know. And then one day... a package found me. Thousands died. Five square blocks smashed into rubble... And at the center... was me. Alive... but changed. But no one could have seen what was coming. Back then, Empire City was in quarantine. It had gone to hell. Other people with powers started showing up, and it was my job to sort through it all. Find out who had given me that package, and why. Hell, even my best friend turned his back on me and tried to get powers of his own. But in the end, I found the man responsible. Kessler. He explained everything through a vision of the future. A Beast is coming. A monster only I can defeat, provided that I am strong and ready to face him. A month later, I met Lucy Kuo. She somehow knew all about the Beast, in fact... she had come to help me prepare. Claimed a friend, Dr. Wolfe, had worked on the Ray Sphere prototype. And that he could amplify my powers. All I had to do was go with her down to New Marais. I need those powers. The Beast is coming. And I will be ready.

End of cutscene

Zeke Dunbar: Man, I tell you, Cole, that Agent Kuo? She doesn't mess around, huh. First boat outta town? Chick's got some connections.

Cole MacGrath: This is gonna be a short-term visit, man. We're just gonna get in, I'm gonna get some new powers, and then we're gonna come right back.

Zeke Dunbar: Come on, man! Your deserve to relax! We're going to New Marais!

Cole MacGrath: Hey, I need to be back here and ready when it shows up, Zeke.

Lucy Kuo: Trust me, Cole, you will be ready when you're done working with Dr. Wolfe.

Zeke Dunbar: Work? Ha! Easy, Kuo. When we get there, we're gonna be about the "Three Bs." That's bear... boobs... and mechanical bulls.

Lucy Kuo: Mh hmm. Gentlemen, I don't think that you understand the scope of what is going on here.

(An explosion appears in the distance.)

Lucy Kuo: What is going on?

Cole MacGrath: No! no, no...

(Cole jumps onto the pier to check out the disturbance.)

Lucy Kuo (phone): Uh, MacGrath, we had a deal. This boat is leaving.

Cole MacGrath: Relax, I got time for this.

Civilian: It's MacGrath! Over here!

(Cole blows up the gate.)

Civilian: Yes! Justice!

Civilian: Run! Run!

Cole MacGrath: Out of my way!

Lucy Kuo (phone): Cole, you have to stop him.

(After firing bolts at the Beast.)

Cole MacGrath: Yep! Right here, man!

(After the Beast hurls a large severed statue towards Cole.)

Zeke Dunbar (phone): Cole! Get up, man!

(Cole stands up and looks up at the Beast.)

Cole MacGrath: The Beast.

Cole MacGrath: Kessler told me about you! I'm not going to let it happen!

(After a short fight with the Beast.)

Zeke Dunbar (phone): Now! Give him everything you got!

(Cole strikes the Beast with an Ionic Storm.)

Zeke Dunbar (phone): He, good shot, man! Now get back to the boat. The pier's breaking up!

Lucy Kuo (phone): Nice work, MacGrath, that was... impressive.

Zeke Dunbar (phone): Whoo! Come on, man, jump!

(When the Beast grabs Cole.)

Cole MacGrath: Come on, come on!

(After using Ionic Storm again, Cole falls into the water.)

Zeke Dunbar: Cole! Cole!

Empire City is Dead[]

Cole MacGrath (narrating): The Beast had drained me... Broken my powers... It felt like the end... I almost wish it was... The Beast had just put itself back together. And now Empire City... is dead. Our ship ran for it, fleeing south to New Marais. People kept their distance whether from respect or fear... I don't know. Either way, I was alone. Others kept busy acting out their routines as if it would make the world right again. But I knew better. I had been given powers to defeat the Beast. I was strong... I was ready... I had fought it with everything I had... and it wasn't enough. That needed to change. The next day, I went to work. I helped Zeke create a device to focus my powers. Hell, he'd do anything to be friends like we used to be. Agent Kuo gathered intelligence on the Beast. Town after town was lost as it traveled down the coast. She also used her contacts to requisition a smaller boat. New Marais was in lockdown, wouldn't let anyone in. We were going to have to sneak in through the swamp. I don't know if you've ever let someone down... Got your ass kicked, or straight up failed. But those are the moments that define us. They push you further than you've ever thought possible and force you to make choices. No matter what the cost.


Breaking into New Marais[]

(Upon arriving in New Marais.)

Lucy Kuo: Hello, Cole.

Lucy Kuo: You know, when you go to talk to Wolfe, everything is going to become completely...

(After spotting some enemies ahead.)

Lucy Kuo: Zeke! Zeke! Cut the engine!

Cole MacGrath: What's up?

Lucy Kuo: Militia blockade. We get any closer, and their artillery will sink us.

Cole MacGrath: I guess it's time I go introduce myself.

Zeke Dunbar: Wait up, man! Here she is...

Cole MacGrath: And you're sure it's ready?

Zeke Dunbar: Uh... I hope so. Give her a try!

(Cole activates the device.)

Zeke Dunbar: I'll be damned.

Lucy Kuo: Wow. What is that thing?

Zeke Dunbar: I call it the Amp.

Cole MacGrath: Good work, Zeke.

Zeke Dunbar: Thanks, brother! Go have some fun!

Cole MacGrath: This is gonna make a hell of an impression.


Cole MacGrath: Hey, Kuo, does the NSA even know what you're up to with me?

Lucy Kuo (phone): I took a leave of absence.

Cole MacGrath: Why is that? I mean, you seem pretty... "by the numbers."

Lucy Kuo (phone): The NSA plans to deal with the Beast by deploying the military. Wolfe has a better plan: you. He invented Ray Sphere technology. You want enough power to defeat the Beast, he's your man.

(Upon encounter two Militia troops.)

Militia troop: You shouldn't have come here, freak!

(After defeating two Militia troops with the Amp.)

Cole MacGrath: Hey, Zeke, this Amp's gonna work just fine.

Zeke Dunbar (phone): Alright! Hey, put a couple of notches on it for me, man.

Lucy Kuo (phone): Expect more resistance. The Militia controls everything going in or out of New Marais.

Cole MacGrath: God, how could they let a bunch of hick fascists take over their city?

Lucy Kuo (phone): People do strange things when they're afraid.

(If Cole takes damage defeating two more Militia soldiers.)

Zeke Dunbar (phone): Hey man, you okay? Sounded rough.

Cole MacGrath: I'm fine. Little electricity, I'll heal right up.

(Cole drains electricity.)

Cole MacGrath: Nice.

Lucy Kuo (phone): Cole, looks like you could lower that bridge if you give it some power.

Cole MacGrath: Beats swimming.

Lucy Kuo (phone): Just don't overcharge it. A fire could blow up the entire village.

Cole MacGrath: Yeah it could. I could take all these guys out at once.

Lucy Kuo (phone): Oh yeah, and the women, and the children, and the pets...

(As Cole charged the bridge's power supply.)

Zeke Dunbar (phone): Keep it up!

Lucy Kuo (phone): That did it.

Evil karma dialogue

(Cole continues charging the power supply.)

Lucy Kuo (phone): It's gonna blow.

(The village blows up.)

Zeke Dunbar (phone): Damn, felt the heal from here.

Lucy Kuo: What have you done?

Zeke Dunbar (phone): Things... tend to blow up around him. You get used to it.

End of evil karma dialogue

(After Cole crosses the bridge.)

Lucy Kuo (phone): Cole, thank you for showing some restraint.

Civilian: Help us...

Zeke Dunbar (phone): You know, healing these folks will help win them over.

Evil karma dialogue

Zeke Dunbar (phone): You know, healing these folks will help win them over. That's assuming you don't keep blowing up their homes.

End of evil karma dialogue

(Upon encountering more Militia.)

Militia soldier: He ain't human, kill him!

Militia soldier: You ain't welcome!

Militia soldier: Bertrand's gonna hear about this!

(As Cole approaches the Militia's mortar equipment)

Lucy Kuo (phone): Cole, move, move!

(After taking out the mortar.)

Cole MacGrath: Their mortar's out of commission, but I bet there's more Militia hiding out up ahead.

Lucy Kuo (phone): Okay, let us know when it's clear.

(Cole begins grinding along an electric wire.)

Cole MacGrath: Alright! Now we're moving.

(Cole makes it onto the dock going into New Marais.)

Cole MacGrath: Okay, guys, clear to dock.

Lucy Kuo (phone): Nice, we will come to you, and then head out for Wolfe's lab.

(After the mission is complete.)

Zeke Dunbar (phone): Militia sure has changed this town, ain't nothing like it used to be. Ah, remember?

New Marais[]

Cole MacGrath (narrating): Yeah... Yeah, I remember New Marais. Came here four years ago while learning how to climb. After the flood, half the buildings were abandoned. It was a haven for urban exploration. Hell, even Zeke manned up and gave it a try. Oh, it was great. See, in any other city, you start to climb, you got maybe ten minutes before the cops show up. But here, well, police had their hands full with other things. Place was lawless, it was raunchy, and except for the hangovers, it was God damn heaven. But not anymore. Now these redneck assholes strut up and down the streets eyeballing everybody, looking for "deviants" to punish. Tension's thick. People here... they're ready to explode. Somewhere in this gorgeous corpse of a town is the key to amping up my powers. These pricks, they're going to try to get in my way... try to kill me to keep their town pure. I say bring it.

Forward Momentum[]

Lucy Kuo: Zeke, you move that boat at the fist sign of trouble.

Zeke Dunbar: Aye aye, Super Spy!

Cole MacGrath: Ah, you expecting a little action?

Lucy Kuo: Militia is going to be on guard after that stunt you pulled in the swamp.

Cole MacGrath: I know I'd be pissed.

Lucy Kuo: Why didn't you blow up those oil tanks in that camp? Would've made getting through a lot easier.

Cole MacGrath: Hey. I'm not about to start torturing families just to make my life a little easier.

Lucy Kuo: Good, that's what I wanted to hear. You made the right choice. I'm impressed, you acted like a professional. Let's go find Wolfe.

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Lost and Found[]

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Karma's a Bitch[]

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Good Samaritan[]

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Taking Out the Trash[]

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Bertrand Takes the Stage[]

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Bomb Scare[]

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Wolfe Hunt[]

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Desperate Times[]

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Storm's Coming[]

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Leading the Charge[]

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Powering Up Ascension Parish[]

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The Sacrifice[]

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Conduit, Not Human[]

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Good gets Better[]

Cole MacGrath: Detective Dunbar, you on a stakeout?

Zeke Dunbar: Yeah, sort of. Remember that machine that Bertrand used on Kuo? I heard it's being moved around. I'm guessing it'll end up here.

Cole MacGrath: Huh. Hey listen, you mind sticking around while I sleep this thing off?

Zeke Dunbar: Nah, man. I ain't going nowhere. (Coughs)

Cole MacGrath: You alright?

Zeke Dunbar: Yeah, fit as a fiddle.

Cole MacGrath: That's a big ass fiddle.


Cole MacGrath: That is not getting any easier.

Zeke Dunbar: Anything good?

Cole MacGrath: I'm starting to feel it.

(After using the Static Thrusters.)

Cole MacGrath: That's what I've been missing.

(Upon doing a car jump.)

Cole MacGrath: Whoa!

(Upon firing Precision Bolts.)

Cole MacGrath: Nice.

(After mission is complete.)

Nix (phone): Cole baby, you wanna play a little show and tell? I got something that'll blow your mind.

Stories of the Past[]

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Transferring Power[]

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Hearts and Minds Campaign[]

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Fooling the Rebels[]

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Storm the Fort[]

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Joseph Bertrand the 3rd[]

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Powering Up Flood Town[]

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The Dunbar Beam[]

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Burning Wells[]

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Ray Field Energy[]

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Rail Yard Intel[]

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Exposing Bertrand[]

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Nix's New Family[]

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The Beast Draws Near[]

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Powering Up Gas Works[]

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Forced Conduits[]

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Easy Going[]

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The Face of Change[]

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Death Toll[]

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The Final Piece[]

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The Final Decision[]

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Side missions[]

Going Overboard[]

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Tourist Trap[]

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New Marais Tea Party[]

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Gunboat Diplomacy[]

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Field Medicine[]

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The Sidekick[]

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Trick Photography[]

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Those Who Trespass Against Us[]

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Past Decisions[]

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Hidden Package[]

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Changing the Channel[]

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Tough Critic[]

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Chopper vs. Monsters[]

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In the Name of Science[]

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Life Insurance[]

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Grave Danger[]

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Enemy Surveillance[]

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Heavy Weapons[]

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Ship of Fools[]

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Prescription Strength[]

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Emergency Measures[]

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Best Served Cold[]

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Double Whammy[]

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Seek and Destroy[]

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Battle by the Bay[]

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Action Shots[]

Zeke Dunbar (phone): Grab that camera and head down to the docks. Beast did a ton of damage out there, and we need to document it.

(After Cole snaps the first two pictures.)

Zeke Dunbar (phone): We got reports of a swamp monster with a fresh kill over there. It sounds bad, but we need to study this. Go get some pictures before he sees you.

(After snapping the third picture.)

Zeke Dunbar (phone): This place is hopping! We got ice soldiers moving in. Before you heat things up, grab a few shots of them using their powers.

(After all enemies are defeated.)

Zeke Dunbar (phone): That's enough sightseeing for now. Whoa, man, we hit the jackpot this time!

Cold Snap[]

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The Gauntlet[]

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Ice Tea Party[]

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Special Delivery[]

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The Harder They Fall[]

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Ice Storm[]

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Proud Warrior[]

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Coast Guard[]

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Photo Finish[]

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Good side missions[]

Good Samaritan[]

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Police Parade[]

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Firing Squad[]

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Good Deed[]

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Enduring Freedom[]

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Unlikely Allies[]

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Stay Frosty[]

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The Big Chill[]

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Mercy Kill[]

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Evil side missions[]

Taking Out the Trash[]

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Flying Cars[]

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The Hunt[]

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King of the Hill[]

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The Third Degree[]

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Assassin's Greed[]

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Chipping Away[]

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Dead drops[]

Invaluable evidence[]

Sebastian Wolfe: Agent Kuo, I feel quite confident that only you will be able to decode these messages and that they'll prove to be invaluable evidence in your case against the First Sons. The world needs to learn about what's happened. Efforts must be given immediately to repair the damage done by the Ray Sphere. Damage for which I am ultimately to blame. Share these recordings with your contact in Empire City. Time is short.

Trifecta 1[]

Sebastian Wolfe: Audio surveillance X04, meeting with NSA Agents John White and Lucy Kuo.

Lucy Kuo: Are you there, John?

John White: Go ahead.

Lucy Kuo: Now that you've infiltrated the First Sons in Empire City, it's time I introduced you to my contact here in New Marais. John White, meet Dr. Sebastian Wolfe.

John White: Wolfe? That's the secret asset you've been protecting? That's... hell, he's responsible for half the stuff we're here to investigate.

Lucy Kuo: Whoa, easy.

Sebastian Wolfe: It's all right.

Lucy Kuo: Wolfe's risking his life to help us.

Sebastian Wolfe: We're all at risk. The NSA selected both of you for this assignment because you carry the Conduit gene. It makes you highly desirable to the First Sons, but that doesn't give you carte blanche. They watch their new initiates very, very closely. They'll have no qualms about killing you.

Hats Off[]

Sebastian Wolfe: Audio surveillance of Joseph Bertrand, file A435.

Joseph Bertrand III: That new facility you folks are building below the Carriage House, it's... overwhelming. Hats off to you, doctor.

Sebastian Wolfe: Our technology is a hundred years ahead of the rest of the world.

Joseph Bertrand III: Don't be so modest. When I joined the First Sons they told me that they had technology a hundred years ahead. Now that sounds conservative. When I saw that place I'd thought I'd been abducted by a UFO.

Sebastian Wolfe: Sorry for the confusion.

Joseph Bertrand III: They were just caves before. I knew them well. Played in them as a child. They were part of the Underground Railroad, smuggling escaped slaves out of town. Then it was Prohibition and whiskey instead of slaves. Now, now we're smuggling in the future.


Sebastian Wolfe: Audio surveillance of Agent John White, file D045.

John White: I have news, I've been promoted. I'm working directly with Kessler now.

Sebastian Wolfe: You've certainly made a meteoric rise through the ranks!

John White: It's suspicious, maybe Kessler knows I'm with the NSA.

Sebastian Wolfe: What? No. He'd have killed you.

John White: Maybe. Kessler said you're to deliver the Ray Sphere to Empire City immediately. What does that mean?

Sebastian Wolfe: He stepped up the timeline. Well, we can't give in to him. It's time to end this. Tell Director Houston I'm ready for extraction.

John White: Forget it. We're still building a case against the First Sons. We don't tip our hand until we've gathered enough evidence to bring down the whole organization. Until then, you stay where you are... and send over the Sphere.

Bad Omen[]

Sebastian Wolfe: Audio surveillance of Agent John White, file D102.

John White: I was carrying the Ray Sphere out of the lab when Kessler stopped me. It was... strange. He said that I had an important destiny, that I'd accomplish great things.

Sebastian Wolfe: I used to be a skeptic, but many of his predictions actually do come true.

John White: I don't know... the way he looked at me... Made me want him to be wrong.

A Person of Interest[]

Sebastian Wolfe: Audio surveillance of Agents John White and Lucy Kuo, file D134.

John White: Sorry for the radio silence.

Lucy Kuo: John, what's happening up there?

John White: Tell Wolfe his invention is a big success.

Lucy Kuo: The Ray Sphere...

John White: Kessler sent it out by courier to one of the labs, I thought... but... he must have set the timer.

Lucy Kuo: God.

John White: It was like a bomb. Five, six city blocks reduced to rubble, corpses everywhere. But there was this kid right in the center of the crater. He had survived.

Lucy Kuo: A Conduit.

John White: Oh yeah, a strong one.

Lucy Kuo: I don't believe in coincidences. He's got to have some connection to Kessler.

John White: I agree, he's definitely a person of interest, I'm watching him. One more thing, there are a lot of conduits cropping up, far more than Wolfe predicted. The city's full of them.


Sebastian Wolfe: I discovered a potential method for reducing or possibly eliminating the human cost of Ray Sphere radiation. This was Bertrand's reaction.

Excerpt from audio surveillance of Joseph Bertrand, file A075.

Joseph Bertrand III: I didn't join the First Sons for the betterment of mankind; I joined them because I want powers! God has a purpose for me, that I might better myself and use my gifts in his name. Besides, I'm tired of waiting. I've already assembled the prisoners, the Ray Sphere. It's already in motion. Tonight, I will become the sword of God. Time to go. The car's waiting.


Sebastian Wolfe: Audio surveillance of Agent Kuo, file G27.

Lucy Kuo: I got my hands on an Echelon phone transcript the day Kessler detonated the Ray Sphere. He requested a very specific bike courier for the job.

Sebastian Wolfe: Do you mean Cole MacGrath?

Lucy Kuo: There's more. I-I may have found some important new insight on Kessler, but I can't make it out. Kessler knew Cole MacGrath had the conduit gene, that's pretty clear, but I can't find his name in the First Sons database.

Sebastian Wolfe: So how did Kessler know MacGrath had the gene?

Lucy Kuo: Exactly.

Sebastian Wolfe: Do you think they're related?

Lucy Kuo: Huh. You know, I can try to find that out.

Swamp Hussy[]

Sebastian Wolfe: Audio surveillance of Joseph Bertrand, file B082.

Joseph Bertrand III: We need to do something about that swamp trash! She's been killing my boys and disrupting my operation. It's costing me money. The men are starting to get superstitious about the Swamp Witch. She's slippery too. We can't track her once she jumps in the mangrove.

Sebastian Wolfe: What do you have in mind, sir?

Joseph Bertrand III: Well... I thought perhaps you can whip up some kind of Conduit Radar or something of that nature.

Sebastian Wolfe: Does this take precedence over the five other projects you have me working on?

Joseph Bertrand III: No damn it! You finish those other things first, but the Conduit detector, put it on the list.

Swamp Ghost[]

Sebastian Wolfe: Audio surveillance of Agent Kuo, file G58.

Lucy Kuo: Reports keep coming in. Some kind of Swamp Ghost's been tearing up Militia camps.

Sebastian Wolfe: You don't believe it's a ghost?

Lucy Kuo: Well I had a hunch we might dealing with a new Conduit, so I bugged one of the camps last night, I got lucky. Listen to this.

Militia Soldier: What? What was that?!

Nix: Hahaha

(Guns shooting)

Militia Soldier: AHHHHH!

Nix: You come into my swamp, my home?!

Militia Soldier: Cease fire! You idiots are shooting at each other! Ugh, get off me!

Nix: Come out here again, you best bring an army!

Vermaak 88[]

Sebastian Wolfe: Observations of Subject 881, file C152.

Today we had a surprise visit at the lab. One of Bertrand's charter buses unloaded 52 men with curious accents requiring medical screening. Every one of them was in top physical condition. They were soldiers and veterans. I called one over to review his file and asked him about the symbol on his duffle bag. He admitted they were from Vermaak 88, a private Military firm out of South Africa. During the examination, I discovered scar tissue covering his body. Land mine, shrapnel, bullets, machetes. The whole group was similarly decorated. Needless to say the exams took longer than expected. I thought perhaps Bertrand was recruiting some new muscle. Subject 881 was surprised I wasn't better informed, and became tight-lipped. He did let slip that, in fact, Bertrand was the one being paid. Then he laughed at my expression. Why was Bertrand being paid? He refused to say. Many more buses followed.

Kuo files[]

Sebastian Wolfe: Audio surveillance of Agent Lucy Kuo, file G84.

I realize you placed a lot of faith in me Kuo, I want to be deserving of that faith.

Lucy Kuo: And... right now you're not?

Sebastian Wolfe: I need to confess something to you. The NSA asked me to record our conversations without your knowledge.

Lucy Kuo: What?! Why?

Sebastian Wolfe: They never told me. Perhaps it's because you carry the Conduit gene. I don't know.

Lucy Kuo: How often do you-?

Sebastian Wolfe: All the time. If you like, I can submit copies to you along with my regular reports. I'm on your side.

Split Decisions[]

Sebastian Wolfe: Audio surveillance of Joseph Bertrand, file B146.

Joseph Bertrand III: What kind of lemon are you trying to sell me, Doctor?

Sebastian Wolfe: The Transfer Device works precisely as designed. We're seeing an eighty-six percent power exchange rate between individual conduits. But what you're trying to do-

Joseph Bertrand III: I'm trying to turn a profit, Doctor. Your fancy machines cost money.

Sebastian Wolfe: Splitting the power stream among multiple recipients is dangerous! The results could be highly unstable.

Joseph Bertrand III: As long as it works we're in business. Make it work.


Sebastian Wolfe: I paid a visit to the First Sons' dorms where the Vermaak men were housed. Subject 881 approached me and we took a walk. The recording follows.

Subject 881: You seem... agitated Doctor.

Sebastian Wolfe: I figured out what Bertrand has in store for you. He's going to use the Transfer Device, isn't he?

Subject 881: Sorry, you know I can't say.

Sebastian Wolfe: Do you know who the Conduit is?

Subject 881: I just... can't comment on this.

Sebastian Wolfe: You need to know something. The transfer procedure was never designed to split abilities among multiple recipients. I don't know what it will do.

Subject 881: You... just got my attention.

Sebastian Wolfe: Theoretically you'll all be over-clocked so to speak. You'll receive a portion of the true Conduit's power but your body will wear itself out trying to sustain it. You may go insane.

Subject 881: Why are you telling me this, Doctor? Bertrand, he wouldn't like it.

Sebastian Wolfe: I'm not a brave man, but if I'm right and you and your men lose control, then I'll have far more to fear from you than Bertrand.


Sebastian Wolfe: Audio surveillance X04. Meeting with NSA Agents John White and Lucy Kuo.

John White: I've been observing Cole MacGrath for weeks now, and I'm starting to get a clearer picture.

Lucy Kuo: We're pretty antsy over here John. What have you found?

John White: (If the player imported a Trophy set containing an unclear Good Trophy, probably Good Finish or Goody Two Shoes) Well, despite overwhelming adversity, I believe MacGrath is everything we hoped for. I mean, countless times now I've watched him stop and heal Pedestrians|civilians. He goes out of his way to help people. If Kessler's prediction about The Beast are true, it'll take more than heroism to stop him. If we have an angel in our pocket like this guy, it's hard to imagine losing.

John White: (If the player imported a Trophy set containing an unclear Evil Trophy, probably Evil Finish or Truly Infamous) He has a lust for violence and mayhem that he can't seem to satisfy. At best he's selfish, at worst... Well, I've never seen him try to avoid innocent bloodshed. Quite the opposite. This guy is a nightmare. If I didn't know about the damned Beast, I'd be tempted to put one in his head. Still... It is possible that all this rage will be just what the doctor ordered, so to speak.

John White: (No imported Trophy response) He's chaotic and unpredictable. Even after all this time, I still have no idea what he's gonna do next. Frankly he seems confused. Sorry I can't offer more than that. But... I don't know, maybe all this confusion will work in our favor. Maybe it means he'll be malleable, more willing to take direction, you know? `Cause I'll tell you, when The Beast arrives, it would be a major advantage to be in control of a Conduit with MacGrath's abilities.

Lucy Kuo: Thanks for the update, Wolfe and I clearly have some thinking to do.


Sebastian Wolfe: Audio surveillance file X04. Meeting with NSA Agents John White and Lucy Kuo.

Lucy Kuo: That's a lot better John. We can hear you. How are you calling us?

John White: It's a tin can on a string at this point. After the quarantine went into effect, we've all had to improvise.

Lucy Kuo: What's going on in Empire City? We're not getting much information on the outside.

John White: Neither are we. Not getting enough food or medicine either.

Sebastian Wolfe: The President claims they're sending supply drops three times a day!

John White: We're all trapped in here. It's like they want the disease to take hold. No efforts to study it. You know what? I believe they knew this would happen. The Ray Sphere, the disease, all of it. They had a blockade around the whole city almost before the dust had cleared. This points to a massive conspiracy. What if the NSA and the First Sons are working together?

Lucy Kuo: I can't believe that. But you're right, this is disturbing. We had no idea things had gotten this bad.

Sebastian Wolfe: Can you tell us about the disease?

John White: Well, they call it the Plague in here. It started striking the population soon after the Blast- highly lethal. Some folks die the very same day they show symptoms.

Sebastian Wolfe: Oh God. This is my fault. Every one of those deaths... I should have done more.

Trifecta 2[]

Sebastian Wolfe: Audio surveillance X27. Meeting with John White and Lucy Kuo.

Lucy Kuo: Look, we've all heard Kessler's prediction. A Conduit of incredible power will rise up in Empire City and then decimate humanity. After everything we've seen... I for one believe him.

Sebastian Wolfe: He convinced me as well.

John White: All of Kessler's predictions have come true. He won't be wrong about the big one.

Sebastian Wolfe: Pity the NSA doesn't share our convictions.

John White: They would just fall back on guns anyhow. We are the only ones who understand the nature of the situation.

Lucy Kuo: Well, if we can't work within the NSA, then we have to go out on our own.


Sebastian Wolfe: Audio surveillance file X76. Meeting with John White and Lucy Kuo.

John White: I wanted to advise you of a recent incident. Kessler's plan is unclear to me so I'll just stick with the facts. Kessler kidnapped MacGrath's girlfriend, Trish, and dangled her off a rooftop. He said MacGrath had time to save her. But there was another rooftop, with six doctors about to die. MacGrath had to choose.

Lucy Kuo: Sick!

Sebastian Wolfe: Madness!

(If the player imported a Trophy set containing Good Intentions or no Trophy) John White: He did the right thing, tried to save the doctors. He understood the weight of all those lives.

Sebastian Wolfe: MacGrath has a strong moral compass.

John White: It seems so. You know what? Now more than ever, I'm certain he's the one we need to fight The Beast.

(If the player imported a Trophy set containing Evil Intentions) John White: He tried to save his girlfriend. I dunno, maybe it was selfish, but ... I can't say I wouldn't have done the same. Kessler killed them all anyway.

Lucy Kuo: Of course...

John White: Evidently he wanted to toughen up MacGrath before The Beast arrives. And who knows, maybe he succeeded. MacGrath definitely seems tougher then I've ever seen him.


Sebastian Wolfe: Audio surveillance file X137. Meeting with John White and Lucy Kuo.

Lucy Kuo: Wolfe's been working on new ways to boost a Conduit's power. The results are encouraging, but now they need to be tested. John, can you convince MacGrath to come to New Marais?

John White: No, it's not the right time.

Lucy Kuo: John, please, it's the perfect time! What if The Beast shows up? You've said it yourself, MacGrath is not ready. Let's make sure he is.

John White: Not yet. Look, I'm working with Cole to track down the Ray Sphere. That supersedes everything else. For all we know, the Ray Sphere could be the catalyst that creates The Beast.


Sebastian Wolfe: Audio surveillance of Joseph Bertrand, file A078.

Joseph Bertrand III: (crashing sounds) I am not happy! (more crashing and sound of a sword being swung) This isn't how it's suppose to be! You... you! You turned me into... a monster!

Sebastian Wolfe: We simply have no way to predict how a Conduit's power will manifest.

Joseph Bertrand III: I can't even control myself! What am I going to do? Why would God do this to me? You... you're gonna make this right Doctor. You hear me?

Sebastian Wolfe: The process is irreversible. I'm sorry, but I doubt there's-

Joseph Bertrand III: (sound of sword being drawn) If you can't help me, I have no more use for you.

Officer Down[]

Sebastian Wolfe: Audio surveillance of Lucy Kuo, file R013

Lucy Kuo: These monster attacks have the whole town in a panic.

Sebastian Wolfe: I can't understand where they're coming from.

Lucy Kuo: You need to get out of your lab more. People are dying out there. The New Marais police force wasn't equipped to deal with this crisis, most are already dead. Bertrand hasn't wasted anytime either. His Militia have rushed in to fill the void. And while some are fighting monsters, they're also gaining acceptance as the de facto police force. They've started accusing some people of having deviant blood.

Sebastian Wolfe: Bertrand's going after conduits?

Lucy Kuo: It seems that way. Everything that's happened seems to benefit Bertrand. Most people have started looking to him for leadership.

Sebastian Wolfe: I can't believe this is happening.

Blast Cores[]

Sebastian Wolfe: Audio surveillance of Joseph Bertrand, file B074.

Joseph Bertrand III: You've been holding out on me, Doc. I'm gonna have to keep a closer eye on you.

Sebastian Wolfe: It was a happy accident. I was looking for ways to refine expended Ray Sphere Cores after a blast occurs, possibly re-use them. One of my test animals happened to get too close to the Core sample and absorbed it. Afterward, I discovered it was exhibiting completely new Conduit talents.

Joseph Bertrand III: Maybe your Blast Cores can do something for me. Surely God intended me to do more than turn into a mindless behemoth. A new power that might reveal His greater plan.


Sebastian Wolfe: Audio surveillance of Lucy Kuo, file R84.

Lucy Kuo: Look, I know John is dead but I- I'm not sure I should leave you here.

Sebastian Wolfe: I'm on the verge of completing the RFI, I can't leave, not now.

Lucy Kuo: Bertrand will make his move soon, you understand that. I think he means to seize all the First Sons' assets.

Sebastian Wolfe: I agree. Very few of them showed up for work today.

Lucy Kuo: You should get those Blast Cores hidden.

Sebastian Wolfe: I'll be fine. Bertrand still needs me, remember? Kuo, you'll miss your boat. It may be the last one out. Go, find MacGrath. Bring him back here, and for God's sake, hurry up.

Old Friends and New[]

Sebastian Wolfe: Voice mail from Lucy Kuo.

Lucy Kuo: I made contact with MacGrath soon after I got here. He wasn't that hard to find (laughs). He is cagey around women, otherwise I would have tried some romantic methods. He's obviously still in mourning, so getting him to leave may be difficult. So far my best angle has been you, Doctor Wolfe. The promise of new powers never fails to get his attention.

Monster Menace[]

Sebastian Wolfe: Audio surveillance of Lucy Kuo, file RA35.

Sebastian Wolfe: The new species from the swamp display humanoid characteristics. How did they acquire the DNA? Which way up or down the food chain did they travel?

Lucy Kuo: My guess is they're on top of the food chain.

Sebastian Wolfe: Of course the ambient wildlife of the swamp was exposed to radiation. Animal mutations, it's a viable theory. I just don't understand why Bertrand has refused to bring me samples of the creatures for study.

Lucy Kuo: Why would he? You come up with some kind of repellent and his Militia is out of a job.

Bertrand Goes Ballistic Part 1[]

Sebastian Wolfe: Audio surveillance of Joseph Bertrand, file B62.

Joseph Bertrand III: Did you know Kessler had visions of the future? I had him over for lunch yesterday. Said he was visiting to inspect our facilities, but I suspect he came here to New Marais just to give me a message. He predicts the arrival of a Conduit with such power and wrath it's gonna consume the world. He called it The Beast. He said it would come here, to New Marais, that we must arm ourselves, prepare for its coming. He said we don't have much time.

Sebastian Wolfe: Sounds ridiculous.

Joseph Bertrand III: Oh yes, indeed it is. But you know? I do believe in prophecy, Doctor. What do you know about nuclear weapons?

Regime Change[]

Sebastian Wolfe: I heard gun fire all over the lab, and screams. Thought it was a government raid until I heard Bertrand's disturbing voice mail.

Bertrand (voice mail): No doubt you're wondering why I posted armed men at your door. Kessler is dead, the First Sons are finished in New Marais, I seized all their assets. You work for me now, Doctor Wolfe. And, there is much work to be done. The good news is you'll make great strides with me at the helm. I'm gonna triple your funding. And you won't have to experiment on rats or monkeys anymore; you'll have an ample supply of human test subjects from now on.

Bertrand Goes Ballistic Part 2[]

Sebastian Wolfe: Audio surveillance of Joseph Bertrand, file B107.

Joseph Bertrand III: It's a thing of beauty, Doctor. How powerful is it?

Sebastian Wolfe: It's a low-yield missile as per your instructions. The payload should be roughly 51 kilotons. But I've never made anything like this before. If you'd allow me to run a blast test-

Joseph Bertrand III: Out of the question. We do that, the government would be at our doorstep before we even have time to measure the results. We'll just have to hope for the best. Hope that we never need to use it.

Forgive Me[]

Sebastian Wolfe: Audio report. Final. The door won't hold them. I've done what I could to reverse the damage I've unleashed on the world. After Bertrand took control of the First Sons, I chose to stay on and I committed further acts of horror under his twisted leadership. His resources allowed me to finish the RFI. That is all that matters. My God, I hope it works. I hope it exceeds my wildest expectations and put an end to the plague. Forgive me Kuo, I wish I could've warned you.

(Struggling, crashes and grunts)

USTV broadcasts[]

Female Newscaster: The devastation continues throughout the US, with an estimated hundreds dead and thousands homeless. Whole towns are disappearing in a matter of hours as the mysterious menace responsible for the "Empire Event" continues moving southward. While Washington D.C. managed to escape from the Empire City phenomenon, the threat of city annihilation is on the rise. Today, an angry sea of protesters gathered on the west lawn of the Capitol Building, demanding food, jobs, and political change. Over 30% of the American workforce is now unemployed, and food shortages have led to nationwide turmoil. The rally just as a special Senate committee deliberated over the impeachment trial of President Navarro. Charges of perjury and obstruction of justice were brought against the President following a controversial investigation into the Empire City quarantine.

Female Newscaster: The exact nature of the "Empire Threat" remains unknown at this time, but that hasn't stopped many from voicing their own theories on what's behind this wave of destruction. Is it a storm? A terrorist attack? An act of God?

Female Newscaster: The very real horrors and traumas experienced by millions along the US coastline may be contributing to a national case of mass hysteria. Sightings of individuals with unnatural powers are becoming increasingly common. One of these sightings describes an elderly woman with the power to fly like a rocket. Another sighting tells of a man who is invulnerable to gunfire. And then, there's the story of the teenage girl that fell from a twelve-story building... and lived. Similar details were made known to us during the Empire City Quarantine.

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Bertrand propaganda[]


Joseph Bertrand: Friends, let's put something to rest right now. I created the Militia. Not for me, but for you. For your protection. You had to make sacrifices in recent weeks. You had to give up certain... liberties, but it was only to provide security, for you and your family. Now, isn't that worth any sacrifice? What are you being protected from, you ask? Freaks! Abomination! They exist, my friends. They are already among us, and they represent the greatest threat we have ever known. I saw the danger to our fair city. I did not hesitate to ask. I asked you all to find the courage to do the same. Please report unusual behavior by calling the Militia's emergency hotline. Our survival depends on you.

Joseph Bertrand: My friends, let us pause for a moment to remember the dark times. Remember how the monsters swarmed out of the swamp. They came, and they slaughtered us by the hundreds. Whole families dragged from their homes, torn apart in front of their neighbors. The police were useless! The monsters cut them all down, like a scythe through wheat. When I saw our town on the brink of death, I knew what must be done. I organized the Militia! And order has been restored. You can walk down the street without fear. With all that in mind - our work is far from over. We still have monsters out there, attacking our barricades, trying to get in! And we have new monsters to deal with! Freaks walking among us with unholy powers God never intended. The need for the Militia... is greater than ever. I never asked for anything in return, but if you're grateful for all we've done, here's your chance. The Militia's recruiting good, young fighting stock to bolster our ranks! This is the best time to act!

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Cole MacGrath[]

(When using Pulse Heal.)

  • Hey, I got ya.
  • You'll be okay.
  • Easy now.
  • Here you go.
  • Hold on.
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Lucy Kuo[]

(When completing good karma opportunities.)

  • You're on the right path, Cole.
  • You keep it up, we're gonna turn this place around.
  • You're a good man, Cole.
  • These people notice when you treat them with respect like that.
  • We could've used you in the service.
  • You're becoming a hero to these people.
  • These people will not forget what you've done.
  • That was a job well done.
  • That was a selfless act. Good work.
  • That was good work!
  • You're making a difference when you do things like that.
  • I wish everyone acted like you.
  • Nice work.


(When completing evil karma opportunities.)

  • That's right, you own this town, man. Take what you want! Do as you please!
  • Folks in this town are second rate. We in charge now!
  • Having powers is good, man. Let loose!
  • I like the way you think, man.
  • Nice one!
  • I like your style, Demon.
  • If the world had more people like you, it'd be a hell of a lot more fun!
  • Blood is what this town needs. Drown these fools in it.
  • You're what this place needed: strength, power, blood.
  • These fools deserve what they got.
  • That's right, show 'em who's in charge.
  • Yeah, let 'em know who you are, man.
  • That's right, demon, let 'em know you're here!
  • You know how to have a good time, I'll give you that!
  • I love the way you live, man.
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  • Unbelievable!
  • You've gone too far.
  • You mind?
  • Unreal!
  • My bad, man.
  • Screw y'all! Screw it!
  • Well, I never!
  • Do I look like a threat to you?
  • You wouldn't shoot me!
  • Don't you dare.
  • Whoops. Sorry.
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