Infamous Collection

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Infamous Collection is a PS3 collection that consists of Infamous, Infamous 2, and Infamous: Festival of Blood, in the form of two disks and a "Super Voucher". Infamous and Infamous 2 come on separate disks, and Festival of Blood is available on the voucher. The voucher also contains bonuses that were available upon pre-order of Infamous 2.

Super Voucher contents

  • Infamous: Festival of Blood
  • Infamous 2 Player Skin Bundle
  • Infamous 2 Weapons Pack
    • Infamous 2 Caveman Club
    • Infamous 2 Gold Amp Weapon
    • Infamous 2 Sly's Cane
    • Infamous 2 Samurai Sword
  • Infamous 2 Powers Pack
    • Infamous 2 Electrocution Grenade Power
    • Infamous 2 Sniper Blast Power
    • Infamous 2 Stalker Grenade
    • Infamous 2 Lightning Hook Power
  • Infamous 2 Bonus Sucker Punch Mini-Missions
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