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inFamous Official Strategy Guide


The inFAMOUS FuturePress Official Strategy Guide is a strategy guide published by BradyGames and written by Chris Andrews and Bruce Byrne. It contains strategies and walkthroughs that a player may find useful whilst playing Infamous, as well as some additional background information about the setting and characters.

Contents[edit | edit source]

The guide contains information related to the characters, missions, power-ups, collectibles of inFAMOUS, and more.

Main Characters (page 2)[edit | edit source]

Biographies of Cole MacGrath, Moya Jones, Zeke Dunbar and Trish Dailey.

Game System (page 4-23)[edit | edit source]

Explains controls and menus, movement, the open world, karma and trophies.

Abilities and Combat (page 25-43)[edit | edit source]

Lists strategies for taking advantage of your environment during combat, the XP system, stunts and how to complete them, and a deep explanation of powers, their XP cost, how to perform them and the damage each deals.

Opponents (page 45-69)[edit | edit source]

A close look at all of the enemies that appear in the game, from Reaper Thugs to Kessler, including the health they have, the damage they deal and the XP they give out, as well as strategies for defeating them all.

Walkthrough (page 70-115)[edit | edit source]

An in-depth guide detailing the main missions in the game, including strategies, XP gained, unlocks from completing the missions and karmic potential. Pro-tips and helpful maps are spread throughout, giving the reader all of the information they may require while playing through the game.

Side Missions (page 116-155)[edit | edit source]

Strategies for every Side Mission in the game, as well as maps detailing the locations of Blast Shards and Dead drop.

Gallery (page 156-176)[edit | edit source]

A gallery of artwork from the animated cutscenes in the game.

Credits and Poster (page 177)[edit | edit source]

Lists all of those involved in the creation of the guide, as well as a removable poster with a map of Empire City containing the locations of all blast shards and dead drops on one side, and a large artwork spread on the other.

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