Not all information is relevant. Although information may be interesting, it may not be relevant, useful or even worth noting.

Guideline of Relevancy

Relevant information, not common facts, like the middle-name of a character, age and abilities, etc.

  • Cole is used to be a bike courier.
  • Zeke is Cole's best friend.
  • inFamous was released in 2009.

Irrelevant information is often obvious information, or very common facts. Something not only a fan would know, but also those who's never played the game.

  • Cole has super-powers.
  • Zeke is a human.
  • inFamous can be played.


Sometimes, writing something already mentioned in the article, again. Well doing this, one should avoid repetition.

Beginning of article: Cole has electric powers.

Trivia of article: Cole's powers are electrical.

The trivia mentions something already mentioned in the article. This should be avoided.

There is yet exceptions. Sometimes, it can be worth repeating something.

Introduction of article: Cole lived in Empire City, and later New Marais.

inFamous 2 section of article: After the arrival of the Beast, Cole traveled to New Marais.

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