An article may need to be written in a decided tense. This may be past tense, present tense, and on rare occasions future tense. If you are unsure of when to write in a decided tense, read the guideline below.


Past tense

If the event is a past event, you should write in past tense. Example:

John was pulled in.

If you're describing a dead character, use past tense, as well.

John was an NSA agent.

Present tense

If you are describing an alive character, you use present tense.

Cole is a Conduit.

If describing a power, ability, currently active location, or object, you use present tense, as well.

The Amp is a powerful weapon.

It can also describe an event in the past, that continues to the near future.

Cole continues to develop his powers.

Future tense

Events that will happen should be described in future tense. These are seldom events in a game.

Infamous 2 will be released in June.


  • An article already written in past tense must stay that way the entire article.
  • In the same way, an article must always consist of a single tense, not multiple.
  • Quotes must always keep their original tense, no matter the article's tense.
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