This page is about the introduction from Infamous. For the introduction from Infamous 2, see Introduction (Infamous 2). For the introduction from Infamous: Second Son, see Introduction (Second Son).

Introduction (also known as Genesis[note 1]) was the first story mission in Infamous. Cole MacGrath found himself waking up in a large crater known as Ground Zero, following a huge explosion that ripped through Empire City, causing mass destruction and chaos all around.


The hell happened?... Oh God
— Cole MacGrath, after waking up to the destruction

An unknown person was filming Archer Square and the surrounding area when suddenly, a blackout occurred, followed by a massive detonation. Overhead, a news helicopter filmed the explosion engulfing most of the city before a bus was hurled towards it. As the screen faded to black, a voice was heard saying, “Activation +6 minutes. Pulse is 45. Respiration 10. Lookin' good, Cole.”[1]

Genesis cutscene 1

Cole regaining his consciousness

Lying unconsciously in the center of the destruction was Cole MacGrath, with his clothes ripped, his body badly burnt and covered in lacerations. Upon waking up, he could hear a police helicopter flying overhead. The pilot shouted to Cole, telling him to get out of the crater and make his way to the nearby bridge before warning someone[note 2] in the nearby parking garage that it was falling apart. As Cole staggered through the wrecked crater and past smashed cars, he received a call from his best friend Zeke Dunbar, who told him to head to the Fremont Bridge.

Genesis cutscene 2

Cole draining electricity

Cole climbed into the ruins of the parking lot, whereupon passing by a badly damaged electrical outlet, he unintentionally drained the electricity from the exposed wires. As his body absorbed the electricity, he thought to himself that he should be dead, but he continued through the crumbling building. As everything collapsed around him, Cole used his parkour skills to jump over huge gaps, while the police helicopter overhead advised people to make their way across the bridge to the Neon District.

Genesis cutscene 3

Zeke shouting for Cole

Hearing Zeke's shouting, Cole rushed forward and ended up draining electricity from another power source, this time, causing it to jump from him and destroy several lights, blasting a hole on the side of the parking lot. He finally made it to the bridge, only to experience more electric reactions, which triggered something within him, and as he cried out, lightning struck the ground around him, destroying vehicles and killing several people around him. With tremendous effort, Cole began making his way across the damaged bridge, hearing Zeke shout out, “It’s the terrorists!”, as several occurrences of lightning struck the area around him. Upon reaching the Neon District, Cole spotted his girlfriend Trish Dailey and Zeke in his blurry vision before passing out.

Civilization Committing SuicideEdit

Civilization Committing Suicide

Cole discovering his new powers

As Cole slid into unconsciousness, he could hear the voices of those dying around the city, and whilst he was being cared for by Trish and Zeke, the city fell apart. First, there was a plague, quickly followed by a breakdown in law and order, along with riots, thefts, rapes, and civilization committing suicide. To contain the situation, the government placed the city on lockdown, but with the city's police all but gone, the lockdown just trapped the innocent civilians with the "psychos."

As Cole acknowledged the change in the city, he also acknowledged the change in him, and with time, this change has gone from being something "scary" to something he is learning to control—his new powers.

Day 14 of the QuarantineEdit

Genesis cutscene 4

Cole and Zeke on a rooftop

Sometime after the Blast, Cole and Zeke were on a rooftop in the Neon District. Zeke was reading a magazine, while Cole asked him why he was not watching television like he said he would. Zeke explained that the batteries were dead, and asked Cole to use his powers to charge up the power boxes. After charging them all, Zeke was pleased to see the television turn on. Cole then felt like he had more power. Zeke suggested that he test it out by frying the mannequins on the roof. After doing so, the two watched a large plane soaring across the sky, soaring low enough to make Zeke think it would crash into them. Within seconds, a television broadcast by someone known as the Voice of Survival began airing to inform people of something big taking place at Archer Square.


Part 1Edit

This introduction will introduce you to the basic controls of the game. You will begin by pressing RStick to direct Cole's attention to the helicopter, and then you must move the camera to the left. You will then be able to move Cole around. Start by going straight, then turning left and making a U-turn towards a large slope. All the while, all sorts of objects will begin blowing up around you. You will eventually be led to a gap between a slope and a bus. By pressing XButton, you can have Cole jump it. At this point, Cole will receive a message from Zeke, telling him to make it to the Fremont Bridge.

Genesis gameplay 2

Cole limping to the bridge

Head to the nearby ramp that has a sign reading "Parking Entrance." Pass along the blue car and enter the building to trigger a quick scene of Cole absorbing electricity. Upon turning the corner ahead, a car will break through the ceiling, landing in front of you. Head around it and continue heading straight, going past flames and other debris to get to the next ramp. This ramp, however, gets destroyed by another vehicle that falls on it. By looking to the left, you will find a fallen down, yellow and red-striped column that you can use as a detour. By jumping the gap, you should make it safely to the other end. Head straight, then make a right turn to trigger another scene where Cole absorbs more electricity from objects around him, causing part of the structure to fall apart and form a ramp leading out of the wrecked building.

By crossing the piles of debris, you will be led to the streets. You will spot Zeke as you approach the police cars. Before you can make any further movements, a series of lightning strikes will occur all around the area. The destination lies ahead. Upon reaching the dilapidated bridge, cross it by following the center section. Shortly after, this part of the introduction ends.

Part 2Edit

The introduction continues on Zeke's rooftop. Here, you will be given a tutorial on how to use Cole's basic powers. Zeke will ask that Cole activate his television by charging up the power boxes on the roof. Right in front of Cole is the first power box. You will be directed to it by pressing TriangleButton; this is a common trigger you will be given throughout the game, to help you locate important targets or objectives. These boxes display a red switch and several LED lights. By pressing L1Button, Cole can aim with his arm to fire a Lightning Bolt. Also, be aware that you can have Cole shift his aim to the other shoulder by pressing RStick. You should also note that these controls are inverted; pressing left moves your view to the right while pressing right moves your view to the left.

Genesis gameplay 3

On Zeke's rooftop

Press R1Button to fire a Lightning Bolt at the power box. Tap it several times to fire off a barrage of bolts to quickly charge up the box. Locate the other two power boxes and do the same thing. The second is found near the two fences, placed next to a potted tree. The third one is located behind the fence, near a bunch of mannequins. Once the power boxes are fully charged, the television will begin working. Finally, you will be prompted to test your powers further by shooting the mannequins. Continue doing so until the game directs you to a large plane that flies overhead. A television broadcast from the Voice of Survival will begin the next mission.


Infamous Walkthrough - Story Mission 1 - Genesis

Infamous Walkthrough - Story Mission 1 - Genesis

Notes and referencesEdit


  1. This is specified by the in-game save screen.
  2. This later turns out to be John White.


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