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Introduction (also called Leaving Empire City[note 1]) was the first story mission of Infamous 2. Cole MacGrath, Zeke Dunbar, and NSA agent Lucy Kuo were all set to take a quick boat trip down to New Marais so that Cole could gain some new powers to use against the Beast.


Cole's Origin

Cole holding the mysterious package

Back then, Empire City was on lockdown due to a quarantine that was initiated by the United States Government to contain everyone infected with the Ray Field Plague. At the time, Cole worked as a bike courier after dropping out of college. He eventually found an unusual package that resulted in the destruction and chaos around the city. The city became overrun by ruthless gangs, and it was up to MacGrath to figure out who had given him the package and why. In the end, he found out who was responsible: Kessler, who explained everything through a vision of the future, that the Beast was coming, a monster only Cole would be able to defeat, provided he was strong and ready to face him.[1]

A month later, Cole met NSA agent Lucy Kuo, who somehow had knowledge of the Beast and, in fact, came to help him prepare. A friend of hers, Dr. Wolfe, had worked on the prototype for the Ray Sphere and would be able to amplify Cole's powers. What MacGrath needed to do was take a trip with Kuo down to New Marais, where he would obtain the powers he needed.

The mission

Kessler told me about you! I'm not gonna let it happen!
― Cole MacGrath, during his encounter with the Beast

Kuo explaining the seriousness of the situation

Cole, Zeke, and Agent Kuo were aboard their boat, ready to take the trip to New Marais and find Dr. Wolfe. Zeke tried to lighten up Cole's mood, as he stood at the railing, worrying about when the Beast was going to arrive. Zeke reminded him that they were going to New Marais and that he should relax, but Cole reminded him that he would need to return to Empire City before the Beast shows up. Kuo assured Cole that he would be ready after working with Dr. Wolfe.

Cole witnessing destruction caused by the Beast

The trio's conversation was cut short as Archer Square began taking an attack and slowly ended up demolished by an unknown disturbance. Fearing for the worst, Cole jumped heroically from the boat and rush down the pier to check out the disturbance. After reaching the end of the docks, he hurled a Megawatt Hammer in an attempt to get the source of the disturbance's attention, but it proved a mistake, as the creature retaliated by throwing the remains of the Archer statue near Cole's position, with the enormous impact knocking him down.

Cole escaping the Beast's black hole

After being prompted by Zeke to quickly get up, Cole turned around to see the Beast towering directly above him. The battle commenced as Cole fired at it with everything he had, hoping to stop the creature from destroying any more of Empire City. Eventually, the Beast decided to launch his opponent into the air, destroying part of the pier in the process. While Cole was in the air, the Beast created a zero-gravity field and then created a black-hole in his hands in an attempt to capture Cole. While various objects and innocent civilians got suck into the hole, Cole was able to avoid such an incident and continued on with the onslaught of Megawatt Hammers. The Beast was eventually stunned, which caused the zero-gravity field to cease and for Cole to fall down and stumble. After he got back to his feet, the Beast attempted to demolish the pier for good. Zeke then signaled Cole to summon a Lightning Storm, which stunned the Beast and caused it to fall into the harbor seemingly defeated.

Having seemingly stopped the creature, Cole rushed along the crumbling pier to get back to the boat. After reaching it, Cole tried to make a leap of faith onto the boat, only to be suddenly stopped in mid-air by the Beast, who rose again and grasped Cole in his palms. He attempted to escape the Beast's grasps by first firing a barrage of Lightning Bolts, a lot of which miss the Beast's head due to the ferocious movement of his large arms. Cole then initiated another Lightning Storm, which stunned the Beast once more, causing him to drop Cole into the harbor. At this point, Cole was exhausted; his powers having been broken by his almost fatal fight with the Beast.

Empire City is Dead

The ship fleeing from the destroyed Empire City

Waking up on the boat as it fled south to New Marais, Cole witnessed via the TV screen the Beast, having put itself back together, destroying Empire City single-handedly. Frustrated by his lack of ability to stop it from happening, Cole resolved to do better in his next confrontation with the Beast and began by helping Zeke test a new melee device to help channel Cole's electrical powers. As they neared their destination, Kuo wisely requisitioned a much smaller boat to help them sneak into New Marais, as the city was in lockdown and refused to let anybody in under normal circumstances.


After the introductory scene, you will start controlling Cole. Like in the previous game, you are prompted to test the controls by looking up and then to the left using Rstick. Next, run down the pier towards the closed gate with fleeing pedestrians trapped behind it. Press L1 to aim and press R1 to fire a bolt at the gate's lock. Continue running down the pier as more chaos and destruction occurs. As you draw closer to the disturbance, the camera breaks away to show a close-up of what is causing the destruction. The game will then prompt you to fire a bolt at it to attract its attention.

Cole going toe-to-toe with the Beast

After Cole gets knocked down by the larger statue, the monstrosity is revealed to be the Beast. You will have access to Cole's bolt and grenade powers, however, you should only stick to using bolts here, as at this point in the game, grenades lack the ability to stick to enemies. Begin firing a barrage of bolts at the Beast while attempting to dodge his fiery blasts he creates along the surface. These blasts have a large impact but a slow rate of execution. You will easily dodge these blasts by pressing Rstick (in either direction) and Circle to have Cole perform his dodge move.

The Beast being struck by Cole's Ionic Storm

After you have landed enough hits on the Beast, he will then use his anti-gravity effects to lift everything around him, including Cole. Continue pelting the Beast with bolts. At this point, the Beast will initiate its next major attack, which involves taking his right hand and emitting a blast that acts as a deadly vacuum. Hover in the opposite direction to avoid being sucked in. If Cole does get pulled into it, you will need to mash R1 to break free, plus you will take damage in the process. After the anti-gravity is disabled, you will continue firing at the Beast until the game prompts you to summon an Ionic Storm (D) that will temporarily disable the Beast.

After doing so, you will need to rush back towards the boat as the pier falls apart. You should not wait too long to make the leap to the boat, as Cole could end up killed as the dock gets destroyed. When you make the leap, the Beast will lift Cole up again and hold him in a tight grasp. Repeatedly press R1 to fire at the Beast until the game prompts you to unleash another Ionic Storm that will take down the Beast again, thus ending the mission.



Infamous 2 Walkthrough - Introduction


  • The dialogue of the civilians varies, depending on which save data players imported from their Infamous game save.
    • Good: The crowd will be happy to see Cole and exclaim that "Justice will be served!" This will also be heard if no data was imported.
    • Evil: The crowd will fear Cole and warn everyone while begging for mercy.
  • During the mission itself, the scar on Cole's face will be present, but in some parts of the cutscene that follows, the scar will have vanished.
  • If saved data from the evil karma story was imported, later reviewing the following cutscenes, Cole's lightning will be red.
  • Cole's outfit is the same as in the original Infamous (with slight differences), yet in the beginning of Infamous 2, his sling bag is different.
  • Cole is at his most powerful mode in this mission, mainly because he has unlimited battery cores, and his arms are emitting electricity.
  • If one looks at the boat that exploded from the Beast seconds later, the fire will be gone and some people can be visible on board as if it never happened.
  • At first, when Cole jumps to the boat, the Amp is partially visible on his back.
    • This was corrected a month or so after the game's release.
  • Through a glitch, a part of Empire City can be revisited. However, it is difficult and commonly crashes the game.
  • The cutscene at the beginning foreshadows the end of the game, with red clouds over the church.


  1. From the in-game save screen


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