"For a moment there was nothing, and then he started to show me things..."
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Introduction (InFamous)

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Start: Ground Zero
"What the hell happened? ... Oh god."
— Cole, upon waking at Ground Zero

Introduction (also named Genesis) is the first story mission in InFamous.[1]



An unknown person is filming Archer Square and the surrounding area when suddenly, a black out occurs, followed by a massive detonation. Overhead, a news helicopter films as the explosion spreads, covering Empire City, before it throws a bus through the air, destroying the helicopter.

As the screen fades to black, a voice can be heard saying: "Activation +6 minutes. Pulse is 45. Respiration 10. Lookin' good, Cole."[1]

The missionEdit

"Meet me at the Fremont Bridge. We’ll get Trish and find someplace to hunker down"
— Zeke arranges to meet Cole

Cole at Ground Zero

Cole MacGrath, whose clothes are ripped and body badly burnt, wakes up in the center of Ground Zero, a massive crater within the Historic District that formed when the Blast occurred. Overhead, a police helicopter tells Cole to get to the nearby bridge before warning someone in the adjacent parking lot that the "whole thing was coming down." Staggering through destroyed buildings and smashed cars, Cole receives a call from his best friend Zeke Dunbar, who informs Cole everything that is happening, and that he’ll meet him at Fremont Bridge.

Jumping over debris, Cole climbs into the ruins of the parking lot where, as he tries to pass a badly damaged electrical outlet, he receives a massive electrical shock from the exposed wires.


Cole, hit by the electrical current.

As his body absorbs the electricity, Cole declares that he “should be dead,” but continues through the parking lot. As the building collapses around him, Cole uses his free running/parkour skills to jump over huge gaps whilst the police helicopter overhead advises people to make their way across the bridge to the Neon District. Hearing Zeke's encouragement, Cole rushes forward, only to receive a second immense electrical shock, this time however, the electricity he absorbs jumps from him, destroying several lights, which blast a hole in the side of the parking lot.
IF The Beginning 11

Lightning strikes the bridge

Wondering aloud, he asks "what is happening to me?" as he finally makes it to Fremont Bridge, only to be hit by a third electrical shock. This shock triggers something within him, and as he cries out, lightning strikes the ground around him, destroying cars and killing the police officers standing nearby. With tremendous effort, Cole makes his way across the damaged bridge, hearing Zeke declare "It’s the terrorists!" as more and more lightning strikes several objects in his path. Reaching the Neon District, Cole spots his girlfriend Trish Dailey, and Zeke in his blurry vision before passing out.

The aftermathEdit

"Outside, things were bad… but inside - inside me - something was beginning"
— Cole senses the change in him
IF The Beginning 12

Cole and Zeke

As he slid into unconsciousness, Cole could hear the voices of those dying around the city, and whilst he was being looked after by Trish and Zeke, the city fell apart. First there was a plague, quickly followed by a breakdown in law and order, along with riots, thefts, rapes and civilization committing suicide. To contain the situation, the government placed the city on lockdown, but with the city's police all but gone, the lockdown just trapped the innocent civilians with the "psychos."

As Cole acknowledges the change in the city, he also acknowledges the change in him, and with time, the change has gone from being something "scary" to something he is learning to control - his new powers.[1]


  • Cole's pulse is 45 BPM, and his respiration is 10 breaths per minute.
  • There is an unidentified man in the garage in this mission; this later turns out to be John White.
  • There is a glitch in this mission that allows Cole to enter the Neon District without triggering the cutscene and the lightning storms, and see a "ghost city" where there are no people. However, Cole will still be limping.
  • The way Cole is limping in the mission can be used again in the future mission "Secrets Revealed," if Cole allows the Golem to throw a gas tank at him. He will stop limping once the mission is over.



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