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Ionic Charge

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Mission gained: Storm's Coming
Location obtained: New Marais
Attributed to: Ionic Manipulation
Upgradeable: Number of charges
Appears in: Infamous 2

An Ionic Charge is a type of collectible item in InFamous 2, essentially functioning as ammunition for Cole MacGrath's powerful ionic abilities.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Description[edit | edit source]

Ionic charges are large concentrations of Ray Field Energy that Cole absorbs in order to preform his ionic powers: Ionic Vortex, Ionic Freeze, Ionic Drain and Ionic Storm.

The circular space in the middle of Cole's Karma meter displays his current Ionic Charges, which are shown as bullethole-like objects if they are empty, and glow purple if they are full.

They are found semi-randomly on defeated enemies and are automatically absorbed by Cole when he gets close enough to them, unless he is already holding as many as he can. They appear as glowing purple blobs several feet across, and are displayed on the mini-map with a special icon. Their drop rate seems to be based on the type of enemy killed. Heavy or large enemies such as Militia Minigunners almost always drop one, while civilians almost never do.

Storm's Coming[edit | edit source]

See: Storm's Coming

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They are introduced in this mission, when Cole gains his first ionic power. Initially, Cole can only hold one charge at a time, but after completing more side missions, it can be upgraded so that he can hold up to three at a time, allowing him to use his ionic powers back to back.

Death Toll[edit | edit source]

See: Death Toll

In this mission, the constant lightning from the storm allows Cole to charge whenever and wherever by draining power from the lightning. He is also able to gain Ionic Charges as a result of this.

Use[edit | edit source]

By pressing the down directional button, the player will be able to perform whichever ionic power is currently selected.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The game explains Ionic Charges as being created by individuals who were exposed to energy from a Ray Sphere. The fact that so many people in New Marais fit that criteria implies that the Ray Field Energy causing the Plague does this too, though this is never stated explicitly.
  • Ionic Charges can be found on any NPC who counts as an enemy, including police officers if they are aggro'd or Cole is evil, and civilians and street performers who choose to attack Evil Cole.
  • Ionic powers cannot generate Ionic Charges and will destroy any charges already present within their area of effect.
  • The Ionic Charges are designed to limit the use of Cole's ultimate ability, which in the first game was tied to his electricity gauge like any other power. Oddly, Prototype 2 made the same decision to limit the player character's access to his "Devastator" special moves by having them use "ammunition" in the form of a new Mass bar, while in the first game, they were tied to Mercer's health bar.

[edit | edit source]

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