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Ionic Freeze

Cole using Ionic Freeze
Mission gained: Storm the Fort
Location obtained: Fort Philippe
Attributed to: Ionic Charges


Upgradeable: No
Appears in: inFamous 2

Ionic Freeze is a Good Karma power which Cole MacGrath gains if he uses the Power Transfer Device with Lucy Kuo in inFamous 2. This power allows Cole to channel a sphere of cold energy, blast it into the ground, and creating a field of ice spikes in front of him that freezes all enemies caught in its path.


Cole was primarily an Electrokinetic Conduit, and was able to freeze a large group of enemies by combining his acquired Cryokinetic powers with Ionic Manipulation. True Cryokinetic Conduits such as Kuo, or forced Conduits whose primary power was Cryokinesis were able to freeze groups of enemies without the use of Ionic Charges.

Kuo could surround a group of enemies with a cloud of sub-zero air, which would freeze anyone inside it when Cole hit it with a Bolt. She could not freeze enemies through her own powers alone, which may be because she got her powers only a short while before, and they weren't fully developed.

Ice Crushers and Titans on the other hand could use powers similar to Cole's Ionic Freeze, without Ionic Charges. Both of them could surround themselves with a wall of spikes, that would freeze anyone inside it. Crushers could make a long row of spikes. This row was narrower than Cole's but extended longer. Ice Titans could throw Ice Balls that would freeze enemies.


  • Unlike Ionic Drain, Ionic Vortex, or Ionic Storm it is the only Ionic power in inFamous 2 that does not change the color of the sky once executed.
  • Enemies frozen by either Cole or Kuo can be used as projectiles via Kinetic Pulse.
  • Unlike most kinetic pulse projectiles, frozen enemies or shards of ice will not explode on impact.
  • Sometimes when using kinetic pulse on a frozen object, it will shatter beside Cole, causing him damage.
  • Ionic Freeze and Ionic Storm are the only Ionic powers that can harm a boss's health.
  • It will not harm civilians. When used on a group of Militia taking away civilians or police, only the Militia will be harmed.
    • This power also does not harm cops or rebels, making it a good power to use during large battles when you want to avoid harming your allies.
    • Ironically, even in the missions where Ice Men are parading captured Militia, or vice versa, only the captors are frozen, leaving the unarmed captives alive (even though the mission-giver tells Cole to kill both). This could be an indication of Cole's reluctance to kill an unarmed opponent. Even though the captives are left alive, the mission ends successfully.
  • Ionic Freeze is Good Cole's Level 2 Super Move in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.



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