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Ionic Storm, not to be confused with Lightning Storm, is a Weather Control power featured in Infamous 2. It summons a lightning storm from the sky, directly in front of Cole. Cole has to stand on ground while using the power, just like any other Ionic Power.

The Ionic Storm is the single most powerful attack in Cole's arsenal, and is thus, the final power he receives. When triggered, Cole will summon a bolt of pure lightning from the sky, hitting the nearest and most dangerous enemy in Cole's sight. This attack is powerful enough to kill most boss monsters like Ravagers, Hive Lords, and Crushers in one strike. While it lacks the ability of the Lightning Storm to move forward and strike multiple targets, its power is much greater than the Lightning Storm, as it could take down the above-mentioned monsters in one strike, while 3-4 Lightning Storms were required to kill Golem Conduits and Aura Conduits (the latter, only when their Aura was active).

The Ionic Storm was powerful enough to take down Ice Titans and Devourers in two strikes. However the Ionic Storm has little effect on the strongest conduits, such as Nix or the Beast, who only seem to take minor damage from the attack.


  • Ionic Storm is the second offensive power to be used in the beginning and obtained late in the game. The first power used at the beginning but learned later on is the Alpha Rocket/Missile Bolt.
  • At the beginning of Infamous 2, it tells you to press the "down button" in order to use Ionic Storm against the Beast when it is technically Lightning Storm as Cole had not learned Ionic Powers yet.
  • The Ionic Storm and the Ionic Freeze are the only Ionic powers that can actually harm bosses with health.
  • The Ionic Storm will instantly defeat all mini-bosses except Ice Titans and Devourers, which require at least two strikes of the attack.
  • The Ionic Storm attacks the most threatening opponent and is stationary, unlike Lightning Storm which calls a lightning strike in front of Cole and allows the player to control the movement with a controller.
    • However, if Cole uses Ionic Storm on a moving target immune to damage during any UGC mission, the attack will follow the target in a manner similar to Lightning Storm, possibly striking nearby targets.
  • This power is used in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale in conjunction with Ionic Vortex and Ice Launch.
  • The Ionic Storm can also break structures like the fountains at the plantation houses.