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Well, you're looking for your brother... I, needed something else. Now when Shane calls, I help him out. I just have to be REALLY careful here at work.
― Jenny

Jenny is a character that appears in Infamous: First Light. She was an employee of the city of Seattle and an associate of Shane.


Working with Shane

Jenny was roped into working with Shane after she needed "something". Afterwards, she was indebted to Shane; whenever he would call, she would aid him in any way she could. One of these favors involved helping Abigail Walker find her brother, Brent. With Abigail's help, Jenny managed to track the location of an Akuran lieutenant, as well as where they were keeping their hostages.

Working with Abigail

After Abigail rescued the hostages from the docks, and was subsequently betrayed by Shane, Jenny apologized for Brent's kidnapping and revealed to Abigail that Shane would never let Brent go, so long as Abigail is useful to Shane. Jenny sent Abigail to the Science Center and told her about Shane's plan to get complete access to police drones around Seattle; if Abigail wanted to find her brother without being seen by Shane, she would have to take them out.

After taking out the first two, Jenny pointed Abigail towards a third one, admittedly faster than the others. When Abigail arrived onsite, the "drone" was revealed to be a D.U.P. helicopter and Abigail was ambushed. Jenny apologized for the mix-up, admitting that the signal looked the same on her end.

Jenny's downfall

Jenny corpse

Jenny's dead body

After sending the locations of the other drones to Abigail's phone, she revealed she "might" know where Brent was being held. Shane, building his reputation as "the new Akurans", had been storing hostages in cargo boxes around the city. With Jenny tying up their communications, Abigail took down Shane's men and checked each crate. After this job, Jenny planned to leave the city with a clear conscious; she told Abigail she would reveal what she "needed" after the job was done and when they were both far away from the city.

After three of the four crates were revealed to be empty, Jenny broke into Shane's computer to find out where Brent is. After Abigail realized the crate situation was a setup, she tried asking Jenny what was going on. Shane intercepted the call, revealing that Jenny was the only one who knew about the police drones; with them disappearing, he used the crates as a test of loyalty, one she clearly failed. Abigail tracked the signal on Jenny's phone, only to find her dead body in an alley, sprawled out with her belongings.

Behind the scenes

  • Jenny is voiced by Ashley Johnson. She previously worked with Troy Baker (the voice of Delsin Rowe) on Sony's other IP, Naughty Dog's The Last of Us.