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For the character found in Infamous 2, see Joseph Bertrand III.

Joseph Bertrand the 3rd is the 20th story mission in Infamous 2.


The Behemoth[]

There is no way he's walking away from this one.
― Cole, upon seeing Bertrand's crashed helicopter.[1]

Joseph Bertrand the 3rd 1

Searching the helicopter.

After leaving Fort Philippe in the Rebels hands, Cole made his way across Ascension Parish to the edge of Smut Triangle and the wreckage of Bertrand's helicopter. Climbing aboard, Cole call's out to the city's de facto leader, but the only sound to be heard is a furious roar from the street outside.

Joseph Bertrand the 3rd 2

The Behemoth.

Leaving the helicopter Cole is at first staggered as the ground begins to shake, and then shocked as a Behemoth emerges from a plume of black smoke. As Militia soldiers rush forward to try and tackle the giant monster, Cole back peddles, distancing himself from the Behemoth before attacking with every power at his disposal. However nothing seems able to damage the monster until one of Cole's bolts hit it directly in the mouth, delighted at finding the behemoth's weakness, Cole tells it to "Pucker up" as he lines up another shot.

Enraged, the Behemoth spits balls of acid and forces tentacles through the street to attack Cole, as more Militia members join the fight. Pressing his advantage, Cole keeps attacking the monsters weak spots while avoiding it's devastating assault. At one point the behemoth lets out a foul breath, throwing Cole and the Milita through the air and calling a group of Corrupted to its aid who attack Cole and the Milita.

The Behemoth’s True Face[]

The stinking gas, the howling, it was nothing compared to the filth inside
― Cole, describes the heart of the Behemoth.[1]

Bertrand True Face

The Behemoth's "true" face.

As the Behemoth succumbs to Cole's relentless attacks, it falls to the ground as a second cloud of smoke surrounds it. Holding his breath against the foul smell, Cole leans forward, and catches a glimpse of the man behind the monster,


As he watched his nemesis flee across the bay into Flood Town, Cole smiled to himself, he knew Bertrand's secret, and he would find him.


  • The Militia members that try to stop the Behemoth, will ignore Cole throughout the mission.
  • If Cole has evil Karma and attempts to shoot the Behemoth on its shell, he will start complaining that he isn't damaging it in the least. He will stop at the second complaint.


Video Walkthrough[]


InFamous 2 22 - Joseph Bertrand The 3rd


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