Karma Bomb is a group of abilities utilized by Delsin Rowe in Infamous: Second Son. They are activated upon filling either of two conditions: for Good karma, Delsin must subdue enemies and help civilians to build up the Karma Bomb meter. For Evil karma, Delsin must go on a killing spree to fill up the meter.

Once the meter's full, the Karma Bomb is activated by pressing Down on the D-Pad. The effect of the Karma Bomb depends on the power currently active but, in all cases, enemies will be obliterated if you're Evil or subdued if you're Good.

List of Karma Bombs


  • The Good Karma streak system allows Delsin to save his progress and can progress by performing any good opportunities
  • The Evil Karma streak allows 1 civilian kill to keep your streak alive or start it off. Oddly enough, Delsin can keep up the streak by restraining enemies rather than killing them.
  • While playing as Delsin on First Light battle arenas, he uses Karma bombs much faster. This was most likely done so that the player won't lose their score multiplier while Delsin charges the attacks.


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