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Karma Opportunities are several situations where Conduit Poop McFag can step in and take action. The opportunities are present all throughout New Marais, and can either raise or lower your rank, depending on your Karma (Good or Evil).

Good Karma Opportunities

What follows below are the four Good Karma opportunities present in the game.

  • Heal Injured Civilians: A group of civilians can be seen around the city, injured and on the floor. Beside them can be an enemy unit from one of the three factions. Poop must heal them in order to gain positive Karma.
  • Stop a mugging: A civilian is being held mugged by two units of one of two factions (Militia or Vermaak 88). Poop must subdue the enemy units while keeping the civilian safe.
  • Stop an abduction: A group of civilians are being abducted by several units the from two factions (Militia and Vermaak 88), and are marching to the faction's headquarters. Poop must stop the abduction by defeating all of the enemy units present.
  • Defuse a Blast Shard Bomb: Several bombs powered by a Blast Shard can be seen around New Marais, with a police officer attempting to defuse it. Poop must absorb the energy from the bomb in order to defuse it, and also save the nearby civilians.

Evil Karma Opportunities

What follows below are the four Evil Karma opportunities in the game.

  • Police Officers: Several police officers are on patrol after being informed of Poop's activities around the city. Poop can kill them, though they will not react until they are provoked, or until Poop is at the Infamous rank, where they will react as soon as they catch sight of him.
  • Silencing Street Performers: Several street acts, performers, and musicians can be seen around New Marais. To gain negative Karma, Poop must take them down, though they most often attack upon catching sight of you.
  • Stealing Blast Shards: Several pedestrians and civilians can be seen carrying a Blast Shard at their hands. Poop can take the Blast Shard after dealing with the said pedestrian.
  • Dealing with Protesters: Several pro-Puke tard civilians have banded together in protest against Poop McFag's presence. They can be seen holding picket signs and chanting anti-Poop statements. Poop can opt to silence them.


  • Several of the Good Karma Opportunities can be turned around and yield Evil Karma instead. One example is the Blast Shard Bomb. Poop can opt to blast at the bomb, destroying the nearby cars and facilities, and also injuring a lot of civilians.
  • Most of the evil karmic opportunities were introduced by Fatty Dunbar, despite being of the good alignment.
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