Whoa, just winged him... You're welcome!
Delsin, after shooting a DUP troop in the lower limb. (determinate)

Laser Insight is one of Delsin's Neon based powers.


Delsin receives this ability from a Core Relay found in Pioneer Square, during Light it Up story mission.

It is simply triggered by zooming in camera (holding L2). Laser Insight enables Delsin to perceive enemies' weak spots, that are highlighted either in blue or red. Blue areas are usually standing for lower limbs, which Delsin can shoot with Neon Beam, to immediately subdue his adversary and gain Good karma. It should be noted, that tougher enemies will have to be shot in each foot, in order to subdue them.

The red ones however, are always covering opponent's head. After shooting it with Neon Beam, Delsin will obliterate his target for additional Evil karma.


While executing enemies seems to be easier and quicker method of using this ability, there are three upgrades, that are available only for Good Karma players.

  • Laser Focus, which costs 5 Blast Shards and becomes available after reaching Guardian karmic rank, enables Delsin to briefly slow down time for a moment, while zooming in.
  • Champion karmic rank, unlocks Speed Loader upgrade, which also costs 5 Blast Shards. With this ability, using Light Speed (CircleButton) will instantly recharge Delsin's Laser Focus.
  • The last upgrade, called Extended Focus, is unlocked after reaching Paragon rank. After purchasing it for five Blast Shards, Laser Focus duration will be greatly increased.
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