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"Light it Up" was the tenth story mission of Infamous: Second Son.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Delsin met up with Abigail again, on a rooftop. The two worked together to search for Core Relay stations, that way Delsin could acquire more neon powers.

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Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

You start off meeting Abigail on a building. Destroy the Core Relay she's standing next to. This will supply you with the Neon Blasts ability, which will allow you to defeat or execute enemies. Defeat the two guards on the roof of the other building, then follow the markers Abigail leaves behind to find the next Core Relay. They are pretty easily missed, so follow them carefully.

After a while of following the markers, you'll discover some of Abigail's handiwork. Keep following the markers to find her right next to the second relay station along the waterfront in Pioneer Square. Take out all enemies in the area before draining the relay station. Upon draining this station, you'll receive yet another power — Stasis Bubble. It works by having Delsin send all enemies into stasis, allowing Abigail to take them out for you.

Abigail will then head off in search of another Core Relay. Follow the markers until you end up in Belltown. Draining this station will supply you with the Phosphor Beam, which you can use to destroy the D.U.P. APCs that attack you right there. You'll then have one more Core Relay to find. Follow the markers to locate it. You'll eventually find Abigail on a rooftop fending off some D.U.P. forces, so go ahead and lend her a hand. Once all enemies are down, drain the relay station to gather a new power — Radiant Sweep. This attack will subdue all enemies in your current vicinity. After that's finished, wait for Delsin and Abigail to finish their chatter, and the mission will end.

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Infamous Second Son Walkthrough Part 18 - Light It Up PS4 Gameplay

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