The Lightning Bolt is one of Cole MacGrath's powers in Infamous. It served as one of his most basic forms of attack.


Cole can discharge simple Lightning Bolts from his hands. They are fairly strong, as they can defeat enemies and blow up cars easily. It is one of the most used powers in the game due to its lack of consumption of energy.

The Lightning Bolt does not appear in Infamous 2. Instead, the game features bolts as a class of powers. Cole is able to swap between different kinds of bolts. The Lightning Bolt in Festival of Blood retains a similar speed as the Magnum Bolt from Infamous 2. In the introduction of Infamous 2, Cole fires what appears to be Lightning Bolts, and they share a similar function to rockets.

Good upgradesEdit

The Guardian rank upgrade allows Cole to regain a moderate amount of lost energy each time he hits an enemy with a Lightning Bolt. The Champion rank upgrade allows Cole to chain the electricity from the Lightning Bolt used on one enemy to others nearby, though this is only successful when Cole strikes the enemy's head. The Hero rank upgrade further increases the energy gained from landing successful hits on enemies, as well as allowing Cole to regain some of his health each time he strikes an enemy's head.

Evil upgradesEdit

The Thug rank upgrade gives Cole a chance to trigger an electric explosion through the body of an enemy he has just defeated. The Outlaw rank upgrade increase the radius of the explosion, allowing it to hit more people and objects. The Infamous rank upgrade causes each strike that hits an enemy's head to immediately trigger an electric explosion.

Karma upgrades
Rank Good karma Evil karma
XP Description XP Description
Guardian / Thug 400XP Righteous Blow - Restores a moderate amount of energy each time you successfully hit an enemy. 400 Sadistic Blow - Defeated enemies have a chance of triggering an electric explosion before dying.
Champion / Outlaw 2900 Righteous Shot - Head shots chain electricity to nearby enemies. 2900 Sadistic Shot - Increases the radius of the electric explosion.
Hero / Infamous 12000 Righteous Strike - Restores a significant amount of energy each time you hit an enemy. Head shots also restore health. 12000 Sadistic Strike - Head shots automatically trigger an electric explosion.

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