Lightning Tether is an ability in Infamous 2 that allows Cole MacGrath to fire a strand of electricity at an object, moving or stationary, and pull himself toward it.

Description[edit | edit source]

After gaining this ability, Cole is able to pull himself to a building, or object, that is either moving or stationary. This is one of the last abilities Cole gains and is earned from the Blast Core he collects from a warehouse, after defeating a Titan in the mission "Forced Conduit."

Use[edit | edit source]

The Lightning Tether has long range and accuracy, and is an extremely effective way to get up high buildings without having to climb all the way, as Cole can pull himself to the top with ease. It can also be used on cars, trucks and helicopters, allowing Cole to be pulled a great distance for a limited time.

The Lightning Tether has no offensive use, except for sending electricity through any water it is fired at. There is, however a similar ability called the Lightning Hook, that can be used to pull enemies towards Cole, allowing him to melee them, or cause them to die from a large fall if they are pulled off of a tall enough building.

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