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Lynnae Carey

Cole locates Lynnae
Full Name: Lynnae Carey
Gender: Female
Current status: Deceased
Appears in: inFamous
"Reapers! No! Leave my husband alone! Where are you taking him? Brandon!"
— Lynnae's last words.

Lynnae Carey is a resident of Empire City in inFamous. She was married to Brandon Carey, a DARPA engineer and one of Moya Jones contacts. She could be located within the Neon of Empire City.


"Your boy's not here Moya, just a dead woman."
— Cole MacGrath, to Moya upon discovering Lynnae's corpse.

After starting the mission Blood Trail, Moya asks Cole MacGrath to find Brandon. Heading to an alley Moya had indicated as Brandon's last know location, Cole finds the body of a young woman.


Lynnae watches as the Reapers attack her husband.

Using a new power Psychic Vision on her body he learns that this was Brandon's wife Lynnae. He see's her final moments, as the Reapers tried to drag her husband away, and how after Brandon had fled, they had turned on her. When the vision ends Cole can see the echo Brandon left.


  • Lynnae was the first character Cole used Psychic Vision on.
  • Characters who look just like Lynnae can be found roaming the streets, as she is just a generic NPC.