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Reaper mad bomber

A Reaper Kamikaze Bomber.

Mad Bombers are enemies in Infamous and Infamous 2.


This enemy carries explosives on itself and detonates them when they are near Cole. These enemies are highly dangerous, being able to heavily damage Cole. After they detonate, the Bomber will be downed.

Only the Reapers and the Dust Men have these types of enemies, while the First Sons have robots to replace them. While running towards Cole, they have a distinct, animalistic scream that is easily recognizable.



Reaper Bombers: They are Reapers carrying Flare like bombs and will charge at their target and detonate themselves, dealing a large explosion and critical damage towards their target. The bombers are first encountered in the mission Blood Trail.

Reaper kamikaze bombers wear thick padded gray hoodies with a unique skull logo design painted on their hoods, their hoodies are packed with explosives. The Reaper Bombers are also used as couriers by the Reapers as seen in Side Missions. Using their explosions to take out other enemies will earn you the Premature Detonation stunt.

Dust MenEdit

Dust Men Bombers: They carry flare like bombs and have a set of explosives strapped to their chests. They are similar to the Reaper Bombers, but can handle more damage due to their armor.

First SonsEdit

Drone Bombers: The Drone Bombers replaces the kamikaze units from the other groups, due to the reason that the First Sons organization is not consisted of humans under the influence of mind control, or transients with mental conditions.

The Drone Bombers are aerial drones that seek out their target and explode when they are close enough to deal damage. The drones make less noises than the battle cries from the human kamikaze units and the drones have the ability to cloak itself, making them hard to spot.

The CorruptedEdit

Gasbags: Like the Reapers and Dust Men these also scream and run up and blow themselves up.


Premature Detonation (+25 XP): Awarded by blowing up any Mad Bomber and hurting another enemy simultaneously.

Note: This can only be done in the first game, as the second game doesn't have the same existing stunt.

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