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There are several Medical Clinics located in Empire City and New Marais.
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Medical clinics are unlocked after Cole has helped an EMT. There are various locations all across Empire City in the Neon, Warren and Historic District, they are also found across New Marais.


Cole at Medical Clinic in Empire City

Cole at the first Medical Clinic in Empire City

When Cole dies he "respawns" at the closest unlocked clinic. The first clinic is unlocked after the Story Mission Medical Emergency, in which a medic asks Cole to protect his clinic from Reapers.


  • Zeke's rooftops also serve as respawn points if Cole dies near those locations, or if he has not yet unlocked any clinics.
    • In Infamous 2, the dock where Cole first arrives in New Marais serves as a medical clinic.
  • Cole can gain extra XP by healing the injured people there, or negative Karma by killing them.


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