Medical Emergency was the sixth story mission[note 1] in Infamous. Reapers were attacking a nearby medical clinic, and Cole was called in for assistance.


The Reapers keep attacking the clinic I have down the street. Take care of them for me, would you?
— The EMT requesting Cole's assistance

Moya contacted Cole and told him that an EMT was requiring his help. Meeting the wounded EMT, Cole learned that the Reapers have taken over his clinic and were attacking any pedestrians that walked past. The EMT asked Cole to defeat the Reapers so the clinic would be safe to run. Turning the corner, Cole witnessed a Reaper shoot a civilian at point range before spotting him. Racing to meet the oncoming Reapers, Cole quickly defeated them all before clearing out the remaining troops at the clinic, leaving the area free of Reapers and the EMT free to run his clinic. Moya called Cole once more, saying that there are more people out there that need help.


Infamous Walkthrough - Story Mission 6 - Medical Emergency

Infamous Walkthrough - Story Mission 6 - Medical Emergency


  1. This mission is treated as a side mission, as the EMT will have a side mission indicator above him, plus completing it frees up territory.
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