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Medical clinics were key locations featured in Empire City from Infamous and New Marais from Infamous 2.

They were unlocked after Cole has helped an EMT. There were various locations in each district of Empire City and New Marais. Whenever Cole died, he would "respawn" at the closest unlocked clinic. The first clinic was opened after the story mission "Medical Emergency," in which a medic asked Cole to protect his clinic from Reapers. This began a series of side missions in which Cole was to help an EMT protect a clinic from enemy attacks. The player can also gain extra experience points by healing the injured people there or gain evil karma by killing them.

Clinics in the first Infamous are marked by red and white circles, while in Infamous 2, they are marked by white and green first aid icons.


  • Zeke's rooftops also serve as respawn points if Cole dies near those locations or if he has not yet unlocked any clinics. In Infamous 2, the dock where Cole first arrived in New Marais also serves as a medical clinic.