Megawatt Hammer

Megawatt Hammer
Mission gained: Playing Hero
Location obtained: Warren
Attributed to: Electromagnetism
Upgradeable: Yes
Appears in: inFamous

The Megawatt Hammer is a powerful ability in inFamous, acquired during "Playing Hero." It allows Cole to fire rocket-like electrical blasts. It can be critical in clearing entrenched enemies and turrets.


Megawatt Hammer is an excellent approach option. It travels in a linear flight pattern, so unlike Shock Grenade, Megawatt Hammer can be shot with accuracy. It is especially effective against heavily guarded enemies or armored enemies, as it can pass through chain link fences and deal splash damage. Most importantly, it is one of the few weapons in Cole's arsenal, other than Precision, that can extend past the range indicated by his targeting reticle (and more importantly, it costs fewer Battery Cores).

Like most of Cole's other powers, its upgrade paths depend on Cole's Karma rank.


Rank Good karma Evil karma
Cost Description Cost Description
Guardian/Thug 800 xp "Rocket Redirect - Allows you to redirect the rocket by firing a Lightning Bolt at the target, thus causing the rocket, itself to home in on the target." 800 xp "Mini Rockets - Adds a pair of mini-rockets that attach to their targets before exploding."
Champion/Outlaw 2500 xp "Reverse Magnetism - Causes the enemy that is hit to temporarily float in the air." 2500 xp "Adds four mini-rockets that attach to their targets before exploding."
Hero/Infamous 5300 xp "Increases the blast radius of the rocket." 5300 xp "Adds six mini-rockets that attach to their targets before exploding."

Good Karma

Good Cole's Megawatt Hammer

Good Cole's using Megawatt Hammer

With Good Karma, Cole shoots a single, powerful projectile. Megawatt Hammer should be used with caution, as its blast radius can injure civilians. At Guardian rank, the otherwise slow projectile can now hit fast-moving enemies, or can hit enemies more accurately because the trajectory of Megawatt Hammer can be redirected with a single Lightning Bolt. When approaching enemies, Cole can shoot multiple Megawatt Hammer projectiles in the air, then shoot an enemy and watch the projectiles rain down, homing in on the enemy. This upgrade is very useful in the "Spy Drones" mission. When upgraded at the Champion rank, enemies caught by the blast will be knocked upwards and fall slower, similar to the anti-gravity effects of Electromagnetic Shockwave when upgraded at Guardian level. At Hero rank, Megawatt Hammer is at its strongest, with its widened blast radius, now more able to hit multiple foes at once.

Evil Karma

Evil Cole's Megawatt Hammer

Evil Cole's using Megawatt Hammer.

With Evil Karma, Cole should heavily spam Megawatt Hammer in conjunction with upgraded Shock Grenades to swiftly eliminate enemies and injure civilians, earning him more Evil Karma. Like Cole's Shock Grenades, Megawatt Hammer also splits up into multiple miniature rockets that act like sticky Grenades flying in a linear path, effectively increasing the area and damage of the explosion tremendously. A single Megawatt Hammer projectile can be joined by up to six smaller grenades. The smaller grenades also appear to "fan out" as they fly farther, enabling the projectile to cover a wider area the farther it travels. Cole should be careful that he does not fire too close to himself, or the increased damage of the Megawatt Hammer might kill him, even when all damage-resistance upgrades are purchased.


  • This ability does not appear in inFamous 2, because it was replaced by Rockets, which functions almost the same.