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For the melee weapons used by Cole, see Gigawatt Blades. For Amp, see [[:{{{4}}}|{{{4}}}]].

Melee is an upgradeable power in Infamous.


Cole MacGrath uses simple brawling techniques like headbutting and slugger punches, along with martial arts techniques like the flying kick, that are enhanced by the electrical energy coursing through his body.[1]

When in contact with an enemy, the person experiences his augmented strength along with the electrical blow. It is one of the few powers that does not feature two separate upgrade paths that correlate between different Karmic paths. The power "Gigawatt Blades" increases melee power.[1]

The Amp

During Infamous 2, Cole uses The Amp as a melee weapon, and even does acrobatic finishing moves after a series of successful hits. The Amp does not only deal more damage, but also helps Cole focus his electrical powers.[2]



Rank Cost Description
1st upgrade 600 xp "Increases melee damage."
2nd upgrade 1000 xp "Further increases melee damage."
3rd upgrade 1500 xp "Maximum increase to melee damage."

InFamous 2

Power Level 1

  • Finisher Attacks: Land a couple of hits with the Square Button, then execute a strong finishing move with the Triangle Button. To do the finisher moves, Cole has to charge up a small meter.

Power Level 2

  • Ultra Attacks: Even stronger than Finishers, Ultra Attacks are available after a longer hit combo. This also adds more space to the Finisher Move meter.

Power Level 3

  • Ultra Drain: Fully replenishes Cole's energy when he hits an enemy with an Ultra attack.
  • Quicker Combos: Cole is now able to use finishers after a single hit and ultra attacks after 2.


E3 Cole's Melee in action.

  • In PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, the Ultra Attacks act as both Cole and Evil Cole's throw moves.
  • While some enemies such as the Militia or Vermaak can be defeated with melee, it's more wise to use bolts, it's the opposite with the Corrupted as they tend to rush Cole instead.



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