Memorial Park is a location in Infamous.


Empire Neon Park

Cole overlooks Memorial Park

Memorial Park is located near the center of the Neon District. It is easily identifiable on the world map as it is the only grassy area in the Neon. It has a large pond and two gazebos linked with a bridge, dividing the park roughly in half.


In the mission Mind Games, Cole must shut off contaminated water mains that running under the park. Every time he turns the valve, the Black Tar in the water gets in Cole’s eyes, causing him to hallucinate.

When Cole needs to lower the drawbridge between the Neon and Warren districts in the An Old Friend mission, Cole must rescue a local engineer who is being held hostage by the Reapers. Cole find's him in the park, the Reapers were hoping to trade him with the Dust Men who were forcibly recruiting engineers to build their tower.

Cole also visits the park in the mission The Imposter, where Cole must locate and defeat a Reaper Conduit who is disguised as a pedestrian.


  • Every rounded gravestone reads as follows: Here rests Obidiah Wood/Died at age 36/Wood was his life/Now in wood he stays.
  • One of the wooden crosses has a child's drawing of a fireman scaling a fire truck ladder with, "I Love Daddy" written at the bottom.


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