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  • I was playing through it last night and noticed a running gag that has to do with some of the conduits. Nix, Kuo and the Healed Conduit in the Plague Zone can all fly naturally and Cole seems to notice this when Kuo shows him she can fly making him jealous.

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  • Yo man, I see you are really enjoying your time on this place, I hope you become admin, you have some GOOD points on the John not being the Beast of Kessler's timeline, but really, we have no idea of Cole's age by InFAMOUS because in InFAMOUS 2, the news reporters state at random times he was "19", "20" and "24", and there is no vaild source of his age and nor is there a valid source of Kessler's age when he had kids.

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    • But you do have some excellent points.

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    • That's true, but you gotta remember, the ages I gave were only a reference point; I could have said 'let's refer to Cole's age in inFamous as 0, and we'll add/subtract from there', I was just giving a reasonable age.

      Thanks for reading my post though! I hope to become admin sometime soon, because I love the inFamous series!

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