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Yankee pig
— first mini-gunner Cole meets

  1. ====The Mini-gun Militia is a stronger Militia unit encountered by Cole MacGrath in New Marais.====
  1. ====
    Militia chaingunner

Possessing a stronger physique and perform a lot more efficiently than most of the Militia, the unit is considered as a Conduit-class enemy type.====


  1. ====A quick way to finish him off is to shoot his head very quickly, if you unlock the "Precision" power, you can finish him off with 2 Precise Head Shocks.====
  2. ====3 explosions can kill one of these guys, so throw 3 Shock Grenades at them or blow up three cars or combine them to kill one or throw a Cluster Grenade directly at them which is enough to kill one or shoot 3 Rockets to kill one.====
  3. ====Any Ionic Power also works well against them.====
  4. ====Another simple way to kill them is to Head Shock him twice with the Magnum Bolt.====
  5. ====Sticky Rockets also work very well against them.====
  6. ====Freeze rockets work very well too.====


  1. ====They appear in large numbers in De-powered areas.====
  2. ==== Gallery====
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  1. ====InFamous 2


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