"Minions" is a series of evil side missions in Infamous. They are found in the Warren and Historic District of Empire City.


The Warren DistrictEdit

I’ve got something special planned for you, my sweet. I’ve got some friends waiting for you
— Sasha speaks to Cole.
Sasha contacts Cole telepathically, telling him to meet with some of her “friends.” Cole makes his way to a back alley, where he finds a group of citizens in cages.

Sasha's captives

Sasha tells him to "Shower them with her love," Cole turns the valve, spraying Sasha's victims in black tar. Cole then releases the group, and at Sasha's suggestion, leads the tar-infected citizens against the Dust Men.

The Historic DistrictEdit

Use them to wreck havoc against the First Sons. Show them that we're not to be crossed!
— Sasha talking to Cole.

Sasha "talking" to Cole.

Once again, Sasha contacts Cole via telepathy, this time offering him a gift, a party of citizens affected by her tar, to fight at his side. They are quickly attacked by a group of the First Sons soldiers, but between them, they quickly defeat them.

You continue to astound me, my love. I can't wait for the whole world to see what we share, what we're capable of!
— Sasha's joy when Cole defeats the First Sons soldiers.


  • The cages the citizens are held in are identical to those found in the Jefferson Tunnel, but the tar is not sprayed from above as in the tunnel, but from the bottom of the cages.
  • Throughout both missions, Sasha contacts Cole telepathically, her words flirty and spoken with affection.



InFamous The Warren - Minions

InFamous The Warren - Minions

InFamous Historic District - Minions

InFamous Historic District - Minions



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