Delsin trying to damage the mobile unit.

Mobile Command Centers are equipment used by the Department of Unified Protection in order to control an area. They are powered by a core relay. One was first seen in the mission "Welcome to Seattle," stationed within the Queen Anne district. Delsin was tasked with destroying it to free the area.and gain powers.


The Mobile Command Centers are large, heavily armored mobile units with side ports and major communications gears on top. They serve as the main method of unlocking new powers in Infamous: Second Son, since they contain core relays.

These Command Centers are stationed throughout several districts of Seattle. Any missions nearby cannot be played until the nearby Command Center has been shut down. There are usually a large group of enemies patrolling around the mobile units, and fighting them can be quite a hassle. It would be recommended that most (if not all) of the enemies have been defeated before destroying the mobile unit.

To destroy it, the player must first shoot at it from both sides to expose the core relay. Then, the player must press R2 to have Delsin hit several times until it lowers back down. Delsin will then retreat from the mobile unit, followed by the whole thing exploding and leaving behind four shards that can be collected.


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