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Appearance Edit

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The citizens of Empire City will form mobs if Cole MacGrath's Karma rank is InFamous, they also appear in several Evil missions.
The mob will have a police escort during missions but will also wander the streets of Empire City, searching for Cole, the man they blame for the Empire City Blast and the subsequent Quarantine.

Attacks Edit

  • Angry civilians run up to punch/kick Cole
  • Will also throw rocks or hit Cole with signs if carrying them.
  • The Police and SWAT teams will aid the civilians.

Combat Edit

  • Civilians have very low health.
  • They can kill Cole if he doesn't fight back.
  • They do not show up as enemies on the mini-map but Cole receives XP for killing them.

Trivia Edit

  • Normal pedestrians can begin attacking you even after you have helped them in a mission.
  • In "Against the World" the civilians affected by the Black Tar show behavior similar to zombies, such as running with the classic two hands held outwards. Fortunately they do not bite.
  • Good Missions involving mobs are to protect them from the gangs that they are protesting against. However, regardless of which gang controls the local area, the mobs always have a Reaper Poster with a slash through it.




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