"Mysterious Signals" is the fourth story mission in Infamous.


Moya calls Cole, telling him that she is picking up a strange broadcast near his location. She asks that Cole get a sample and send it back to her via his phone.

First signalEdit

Infam mysterious signals

The First Signal.

The first location is on top of the high-rise building directly in front of Cole. Climbing to the top, he finds a satellite with a portable audio drive attached to it. Moya tells Cole to download it to his phone so they can hear the recording, but all they get is "a bunch of garbage." Moya informs Cole that "it's an encrypted message," but she can't decrypt it, and asks him to find another one.

Second signalEdit

Using his powers, Cole is able to find the location of another
Infam mysterious signals 2

Taking down the Reaper guard.

satellite on a building across the street. Cole quickly makes his way there, and after dealing with the Reaper guards, Cole downloads the second signal. This recording sounds just like the first, but Moya informs Cole that she's running the signals through a decryption program, and that she's almost cracked it. She just needs one more sample.

Third signalEdit

Infam mysterious signals 5

The Reaper Guards.

The third building is guarded by a large group of Reapers. After clearing them out, Cole locates the satellite and sends the final signal to Moya. She decodes it and sends a decrypting algorithm to Cole's phone which will allow him to listen to this message and any further ones he finds.

The decrypted messageEdit

I couldn’t stop Kessler from detonating the Ray Sphere. Damn thing took out five or six square blocks, killed God knows how many.
John White's message decrypted.

Listening to the decrypted message, Cole and Moya hear a man explain how he couldn't stop Kessler, that the Ray Sphere had been detonated, and that he had collected it and was now hiding. The man goes on to ask for immediate extraction. When the message ends, Cole asks Moya if she understood the message. Sounding shocked, Moya explains that the voice in the message was John, and that these "Dead Drops" must have been his way of communicating with his handlers. After Moya recommends that Cole find more of the dead drops as they might lead to John, he reminds her of their agreement: "Find John and the Ray Sphere, and I'm out, right?," to which Moya curtly replies: "I know the deal, Cole."


  • This is the only time you will need to find three satellites for one Dead Drop message.
    • Though only one message is heard after collecting these three Dead Drops, the other two can be accessed through the pause menu.
  • If other Dead Drops are found during this mission, they cannot be collected.



InFamous Mysterious Signals

InFamous Mysterious Signals

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