Mysterious Signals was the fourth story mission in Infamous. Moya tasked Cole with investigating some strange interference she was receiving.


I'm picking up some weird interference from a rooftop not far from you. Need to find out its origin and purpose.
— Moya giving Cole the objective

After following the coordinates sent to his phone, Cole was phoned by Moya, telling him that she was picking up some strange interference near his location. She needed him to retrieve a sample and send it back to her through his phone. Using his Radar Pulse, Cole located the first sample on the rooftop of the high-rise building and found a portable audio drive attached to a satellite dish. He plugged it into his phone to listen to the message, however, it was scrambled due to it being an encrypted message.

Moya then asked Cole to search around town for another sample. Upon doing so, he attached it to his phone, and another scrambled message played. Moya began running the signals through a decryption program on her end and was close to cracking it. She asked Cole to retrieve just one more sample.

Mysterious Signals cutscene 2

A group of Reapers preparing to stop Cole

Cole made his way to the third building, which was guarded by a group of Reapers. After clearing them out, Cole located the satellite and sent the final signal to Moya. She decoded it and sent a decrypting algorithm to Cole's phone, which would allow him to listen to the message and any more he would find.

As they listened to the decrypted message, Cole and Moya heard a man explaining how he could not stop Kessler, that the Ray Sphere had been detonated, and that he had collected it and was now hiding. He then went on to ask for immediate extraction. When the message ended, Moya, sounding shocked, explained that the voice in the message was John White and that these "dead drops" must have been his way of communicating with his handlers. Moya then advised Cole to find as many more as he could, as they would probably lead him to John.


Use Cole's Radar Pulse to locate each satellite, and press TriangleButton to retrieve the samples. After collecting the first two samples, you will be confronted by a group of Reapers on a rooftop, one of which wields a shield for protection, marking their first appearance. Take them down before retrieving the final sample. Once the mission is complete, the rest of the dead drops will be available to collect around the city.[note 1]


Infamous Walkthrough - Story Mission 4 - Mysterious Signals

Infamous Walkthrough - Story Mission 4 - Mysterious Signals


  1. Only one message is heard after collecting these dead drops, but the other two can be accessed through the pause menu. Any other dead drops found during this mission cannot be collected.
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