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Napalm refers to: the ability to control, manipulate and produce Napalm, a flammable tar like substance.

Napalm powers could be transferred to Cole MacGrath by using the Power Transfer Device with Nix, which is an evil act. This includes powers like Ionic DrainFirebird Strike, and Napalm Grenade. He also could summon Spiker minions or use the Hellfire rocket. These Napalm abilities greatly damage Ice enemies and can usually take down Titans and Crushers easily.

Known Moves

Player moves (Cole's moves)

  • Nightmare Blast: It sends a cloud of ash and dust, stunning its victims in a fashion not unlike a smoke bomb, thus letting Cole go in for further attacks. Unlike other blasts, it doesn't send victims flying.
  • Napalm Grenade: A Pyrokinetic Grenade that explodes on impact.
  • Hellfire Rocket: A very powerful Pyrokinetic Napalm combined Rocket that fires a cluster of five fireballs.
  • Ionic Drain: An ionic power which drains the life force from enemies (and pedestrians) standing near Cole.
  • Firebird Strike: A Napalm power which allows Cole to fly. His legs and arms become fiery and resemble a Phoenix's wings.
  • Spikers: A Pyrokinetic power which generates three liquid napalm spikes that crack into three Spikers, which will fight by Cole's side.
Nix is using Tar Grapple on Militia (inFamous 2)

Nix is using Napalm Grapple on Militia.

Non-player character moves (ally/enemy moves)

  • Napalm Grapple: Uses one or more Napalm"pillars" to ensnare enemies and hold them above the ground. Can cause an explosion if a spark is added.
  • Smoke based teleportation: Allows the person to teleport short distances, leaving and appearing while surrounded by thick wisps of smoke.


  • Napalm and its counterpart Cryokinesis are the only powers Cole uses that don't change color along with his Karma rank (with the exception of Frost Shield).
  • Napalm, along with its similar flame power, Smoke- are an offset of the pure fire power Pyrokinesis.