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The National Security Agency, shortened to NSA, is a government agency assigned to maintain the security of the U.S. government.


NSA had an involvement with the First Sons and The Blast. The First Sons were a cult group, dedicated to the advancing a human being. NSA agent John White went undercover in the Empire City branch of the group, and discovered that their leader, Kessler, was working on a device called the Ray Sphere. The device was to drain the neuroelectric energy out of a crowd of people, and transfer it into an individual. On activation, the Ray Sphere would also create a devastating blast, killing thousands of people.

Kessler later gave the Ray Sphere to bike courier, Cole MacGrath. John tried to stop him, but lost him in a red light. After The Blast and the start of the Ray Field Plague, the government issued a quarantine on the city, thus preventing John from getting out. John was stuck in Empire City, and it appeared he was abandoned. They were later to pick him up, but John died before they could.

During John's time working undercover, they gained massive amounts of information on the First Sons and the Ray Sphere. He put most of this information in messages, called Dead Drops. John would later state that this could mean a second Ray Sphere could be created.

While John White was working in Empire City he maintained contact with another NSA agent named Lucy Kuo and affiliate Sebastian Wolfe who were working within the New Marais branch of the First Sons. Together these three formed a triangle of double agents who were working in the First Sons on behalf of the NSA.

Known Members


  • In reality, the NSA is responsible for signals intelligence and the FBI counterintelligence and/or counterterrorism division(s) would handle their assignments.
    • John White himself noted that other government agencies are radically different from what they are in real-life and what they are supposed to be in the InFamous universe, given how the CDC had military units while FEMA was given law enforcement powers and DARPA having field agents.
    • A possible justification for the NSA infiltrating the First Sons is that Kessler would expect the FBI to handle surveillance and have spies to hamper such attempts; the NSA, on the other hand, would not be expected to have agents and could attempt to monitor the First Sons with less risk.