Nemesis Revealed was the eleventh story mission in Infamous. Cole had to put an end to more water pollution caused by the Reapers.


As there was a bunch of sick, tar-covered civilians lying helplessly along the sidewalk, Trish approached Cole, asking why he was not stopping the contamination. Cole explained that he already destroyed a tanker full of tar before, but apparently this pollution was caused by another source. When Cole contacted Moya about the issue, she explained that the water towers on the rooftops were the only known source of the contamination. After clearing out the Reapers surrounding the first water tower, Cole noticed a keg attached to it, with tar dripping from it. Moya ordered Cole to destroy it, as it would prevent the spread of the black tar.

Good karma: After destroying the first keg, Cole ended up with tar on his face, temporarily disabling some of his battery cores. Cole made his way to the other rooftops to clear out the enemies and then destroy the remaining kegs.

Evil karma: Instead of destroying the keg, Cole overcharged it, causing more tar to release into the system. Moya advised him to destroy them instead, however, Cole continued to overcharge the kegs, releasing more and more tar into the system and making more people sick in the process. This, in turn, made Moya furious at Cole. Trish even took notice and called Cole out on his selfish actions. Cole tried explaining to her that it was the only way he could get them off the rooftops, which she rubbed off as nonsense, noting how he was only making things worse and that they were better off without his "help."

Pandora's BoxEdit

For a moment, there was nothing, and then he started to show me things... horrible things... beyond description. And in that split second, I understood... he was showing me the future.
— Cole MacGrath
Pandora's Box

Kessler giving Cole a vision

Once the task was finished, a strange man decked in white clothes and equipped with metallic implants teleported in front of Cole, saying that Sasha was not going to be happy about him destroying the tar kegs. The man then leaped towards Cole and dug his icy cold fingers into his face to show him a vision. Cole was shown horrible things he could not even properly begin to describe. He was then released from the stranger's grasp and although Cole did not know who the man was, he just knew that the man was responsible for everything and that somehow, the Ray Sphere was involved in it. The man then disappeared.


Infamous Walkthrough - Nemesis Revealed

Infamous Walkthrough - Nemesis Revealed


  • Cole can still be attacked by infected people, but attacking them still gives him evil karma.
  • Just as in a previous story mission "Mind Games," Trish makes an appearance in-game as an NPC, and directly hurting her in any way (using any of Cole's powers) causes the mission to instantly fail. However, Cole can hurt Trish indirectly by throwing a car on top of her, and the mission will not fail.
  • Being hit by an infected person temporarily causes Cole to experience hallucinations.
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