"Nemesis Revealed" is the eleventh story mission in Infamous.


Cole and Trish during Nemesis Revealed mission in inFamous

Trish asks Cole about black tar spread.

After Cole is met with either positive or negative reception from the people for rescuing a train full of innocent civilians, he heads to a location marked on his GPS and runs into Trish trying to nurse tar- covered sick people back to health. Spotting her ex-boyfriend, she asks Cole why he isn't stopping the hallucinogenic tar from spreading. He answers the question by stating that he blew up a whole tanker full of that stuff under the park and figured that would do. Trish then snarkily replies that the tar is coming from somewhere and that the people aren't getting sick on their own. Cole then contacts Moya and informs her that the black tar is back. She informs him that the only remaining water source in the northwestern side of the Neon is the water towers on the rooftops nearby.

Dark waters Edit

Cole then starts climbing the nearest building and fights Reapers along the way as he makes his way to the nearest water tower. Once the Reapers have been taken care of, Cole calls Moya to tell her about a "wierd metal keg" attached to the water tower and that there's tar dripping out of it. Now aware of how the Reapers are continuing to spread their nasty tar, Moya tells Cole to destroy it. Cole can either overcharge the kegs pump and cause it to implode by using a Lightning Bolt or use Shockwave to destroy the tar keg, which will cause him to become once again covered in tar. After destroying the first keg, Moya will either scold Cole for imploding the keg (which causes the tar to spread into the water supply thus more sick people as a result) or remind him that many people will get sick if he lets the tar get into the water (if Cole chooses to use shockwave to destroy the keg.)

Infamousnemesisrevealed 05

Cole blasting a tar keg

Karmic momentEdit

When Cole gets to the next tar keg, he stops and ponders over how to best deal with the situation at hand. While overcharging the pump will spare him from suffering the side effects of the hallucinogenic tar, Cole will endanger the health of the general public if he does that. If he wants to avoid that, Cole's only other choice is to take one for the team by taking a "bath" in that nasty stuff. It may not be pleasant to him, but it'll help in the long run.

Good KarmaEdit

While Cole loathes it, he decides its better he suffers the ill effects of the tar rather than the public. As a result, he uses Shockwave to safely get rid of the keg.

Evil KarmaEdit

Knowing all too well what that crap does to him, Cole decides to take the easy way out and implode the pumps on the tar kegs. As a result, he makes more people sick and also receives angry calls from Trish and Moya chewing him out for his decision. 

Nemesis RevealedEdit

Once the last of the tar kegs have been destroyed, a strange man decked in white clothes and equipped with metallic implants teleports in front of Cole and comments that "She's gonna be pretty pissed about this!" to which Cole replies "Who the hell are you." The mysterious stranger answers him with "Just a concerned citizen. Now hold still!" He then leaps towards Cole and digs his icy cold fingers into the latters face. After a second, Cole is shown horrible things he couldn't even properly begin to describe. He's then released from the stranger's grasp and although Cole doesn't know who the man is, he just knows that he's responsible for everything and that somehow, the Ray Sphere is involved in it. The odd person then disappears...


  • People infected by Black Tar will always attack you, but attacking them will still give you Evil Karma.
  • Completing this mission unlocks the "Dark Water" side missions.
  • Just as in the previous story mission "Mind Games", Trish makes an appearance in-game as an NPC, and hurting Trish in any way directly (using any of your powers) will cause you to instantly fail the mission, with the words appearing "Don't Hurt Trish!", but you can hurt Trish indirectly, by throwing a car on top of her, and you will not fail the mission.
  • The Reaper force protecting the pumps consist of a heavy Reaper with a rocket launcher, one or two shotgun wielders, and several regular Reaper thugs. It's possible for a conduit to also be present.
  • Being hit by an infected person will temporarily cause hallucinations.
  • If you continue to choose to implode the kegs, more pedestrians will appear sick on the rooftops and Trish will comment that they would be better off without Cole's "help."


Infamous Mission 10 - Nemesis Revealed

Infamous Mission 10 - Nemesis Revealed

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