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New Friends

Prev: Hit Squad
Next: Death March
Unlock: N/A
Reward: 100 XP
Side Mission: Yes

New Friends is an evil side mission in inFamous and the first one Sasha offers to Cole. To play this mission, Cole must be at Outlaw rank or higher. It's located by the Eagle Point Penitentiary right next to the Good Side Mission "Containment".

Starting The Mission

Sasha will greet Cole and remark on how evil he has become. She then tells you that some of her Reapers are in the local prison. Your objective is to free the Reaper Conduits from prison. First, climb the prison and kill the prison guards (Empire City Police). After that, find the transformer adjacent to a prison tower and drain it. This will set the conduits free and start an alliance between you and the Reapers.


  • Although Cole is allies with the Reapers from this point forward, they will still fight him when he's traveling around Empire City oddly enough.

Video Walkthrough

InFAMOUS - The Warren - New Friends

InFAMOUS - The Warren - New Friends