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"Night On The Town" is an Evil Karma side mission found in the Warren District in Infamous.


My love, how I‘ve missed you. Please look after my beloveds. They tend to get into trouble without supervision.
— Sasha contacts Cole.
Sasha telepathically contacts Cole, asking him to accompany
Night on the town 3

Cole fights alongside Sasha's Reapers

three Reaper Conduits whilst they attack a Dust Men stronghold. Following the Reapers across the rooftops of the Warren, the group are ambushed by a troupe of Dust Men, but Cole, working alongside the Reapers, quickly over-powers them. Reaching the Dust Men's stronghold, Cole and his allies face a barrage of Dust Men troops.

Once all of their enemies have been defeated, Sasha once again contacts Cole, telling him: “You’re so naughty. I love it!”


  • Cole fails the mission if all the Reaper Conduits die.
  • This is the only mission in which Cole can heal the Reapers and receive Good Karma XP.



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InFamous The Warren - Night On The Town-0

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