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No Protection was the twelfth story mission in Infamous. Cole ventured through another sewer to restore power to the remainder of the Neon District.

Once Cole entered the sewer, Moya contacted him, for she had some Reaper intel to share. She revealed that their leader was a woman named Sasha, who a high-ranking member of the First Sons. This made Cole wonder if she would know where John was. While there was no way of knowing, Moya explained that she must be taken down, as it was the only way they could get a handle on the plague.

Cole approached the generator and re-established the circuit. This granted him the Precision ability, which he needed to use to navigate the remainder of the sewer. After fighting through several Reapers, he reached the substation and powered it up, restoring power to the remainder of the Neon.


As you make the run to the substation, remember to stick to the high ground. If you have to fight any Reapers, make use of whatever powers you have gained so far.

Once inside the sewers, your way forward is via the small ledges on the large round columns, followed by several pipes to the left that you must cross. Upon reaching the next area, zap the power box to have an overhead beam move around towards you for you to grab onto. Make sure you are on top of it, as there are small water vents below you. From here, jump across a series of pipes until you reach the platform with the transformer. When establishing the circuit, you will gain Precision, a power that allows you to zoom in on enemies, allowing for more precise shots from a distance. To use the move, press U and then R1.

You are then presented with the opportunity to try your new power on the power box placed behind a spinning fan. After powering it up, proceed left and use the moving beam to reach the far platform. Head through the doorway, then hop a few ledges to reach another walkway. Follow it until you encounter some kamikaze Reapers. After clearing them out, you will spot a small generator as you move on. A few Reapers attack from your left, and one of them mans a turret. While using the generator as cover (and for recharging), use your new Precision ability to snipe your foes one by one.

Head in the opposite direction, cross a gap, then head down the next walkway. Leap up to the tunnel entrance, and after passing through, use the pipes to get across. Use Precision against the next group of Reapers that attack. Afterward, search for the power box located way down below, behind another spinning fan. Shoot it using Precision, and once the beam begins moving, use it to get across the chasm and reach a platform. From here, you will need to snipe another power box. After this, you can cross, and you will now have a straight path to the power generator. Upon reaching it, power it up to restore power to the rest of the Neon District.



Infamous Walkthrough - No Protection