Officer Down is a Good karma side mission found in the Neon District in Infamous, during which Cole tracks down a Reaper.


Officer down 1

The Murderer Appears.

Cole finds the body of an Empire City Police Officer. Using one of his latest powers,Psychic Vision, he is able to see the officers final moments and the residential neuro-electric outline of his killer. Following the Reapers residual energy through the streets of the Neon, Cole eventually tracks the killer to a back alley where he and a group of fellow Reapers are preparing to execute a group of Empire City's finest. Cole quickly defeats the Reapers, saving the group of police officers at the same time.

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  • Before entering the alley, climb a building and use Precision for some quick kills.



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InFamous Neon District - Officer Down

InFamous Neon District - Officer Down

inFamous: Neon District - Officer Down

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