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This article is about Outlaw. For the previous rank, see Thug.
This article is about Outlaw. For the next rank , see Infamous (rank).

Outlaw is the second Evil karma rank in Infamous and Infamous 2. At this rank, Cole MacGrath will become darker and more corrupted in appearance, and the citizens will begin to fear him.


File:Arc lightning.jpg

Cole at Outlaw rank in inFamous.


Don't take this the wrong way Cole, but man, people are starting to say you're nothing more than a crazy psychopath. Runnin' around, frying everyone that gets in your way, that dark and crazy look on your face.
Zeke Dunbar telling Cole about the people's negative opinion of him

In inFamous, reaching Outlaw rank unlocks the second level of Evil Karma upgrades. The citizens of Empire City begin to fear and despise Cole, and some may also try to attack him. Outlaw rank can be reached during or after the mission "Mind Games."


Cole's jacket will fade some more and look dirtier than it was at Thug rank. His skin will grow paler and the dark markings on the back of his neck and head will become more noticeable. Cole also maintains his red lightning.

inFamous 2[]

Cole at Outlaw rank (inFamous 2)

Cole at Outlaw rank in inFamous 2.


Let's show those people who owns this town!
Nix on Cole's actions

In inFamous 2, the Outlaw rank will allow Cole to unlock the second rank of evil powers. He also gains the Bolt Chain boost. This perk causes Cole's lightning to branch off of one foe and hit nearby foes. The citizens will begin to fear Cole, and will often run in fear, but sometimes they will try to kill him.


Cole will trade his usual T-shirt for a black and orange one. He will also trade out his jeans for a black pair, with red markings on it. If wearing his courier jacket, the jacket will become darker.

Cole will also become much paler; his scar will worsen, and his tattoos will stand for darkness, power and toughness. Transparent black markings will appear on his arms and neck, showing signs of corruption.


  • The Karma Boost for this rank, Bolt Chain, functions similarly to the Champion rank upgrade of the original Lightning Bolt from the previous game. Unlike the aforementioned upgrade however, Bolt Chain does not require Cole to perform head shots on enemies to function.
  • This is the only karmic rank from inFamous and inFamous 2 that does not reappear in Infamous: Second Son.