The Overload Burst is a power in Infamous. After taking several seconds to power up, Cole MacGrath can fire a powerful lightning bolt from his hand that chains off conductive surfaces, striking anyone near a metal object. It is a Good karma power only available after Cole completes at least five Good Side Missions. It does not use up any battery cores.



At Guardian rank after initially buying the power, the Overload Burst allows Cole to charge up and use a bolt that chains off of metal objects as to harm people near them. The Champion rank upgrade doubles the damage received by enemies when hit the Overload Burst or its chained electricity. The Hero rank upgrade further increases the damage of the Overload Burst while also decreasing the amount of time it takes Cole to power up the attack.


  • The Overload Burst is one of two powers in Infamous that only becomes available through the completion of side missions, the other being Arc Lightning.
  • The most unique aspect of this ability is that any other offensive abilities can be used while charging up this one. This allows Cole to fire all his other attacks while aiming for a specific target.
  • Kessler's bolt attack is similar to the Overload Burst in that it is more powerful than Cole's Lightning Bolt and also takes a little bit of time to charge up.
  • A new Good Karma power in Infamous 2 named Magnum Bolt shares similar traits to Overload Burst.
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