Celia in game
User/s: Celia Penderghast
Attributed to: Paper manipulation
Appears in: Infamous: Second Son

Paper refers to the ability to control and manipulate every form of paper. The ability is first seen in Infamous: Second Son and is used by Celia Penderghast, the only known Conduit to have this ability.


Paper manipulation is surprisingly versatile, allowing its user to effortlessly manipulate as well as assume the properties of paper. A Conduit of this kind can create pulp and stock out of only trace elements and shape it into any density and form that they see fit.

Using these abilities a Conduit can mold the paper with ease and fold it in ways that would normally require hundreds of pounds of mechanical force. Due to these folding techniques the paper can be made deceptively durable in contrast with papers generally perceived weakness. By doing this the Conduit can construct armor, projectiles and even animated constructs that have proven formidable in combat.

Whilst not obvious to most people, paper can make for a dangerous offensive strategy. With the Conduits control over paper, they are able to strengthen and sharpen its edges to the point that it can inflict deep cuts on flesh and even pierce concrete. In the case of Celia, she was able to use origami paper doves to inflict thousands of small cuts on a woman's face to mangle her features beyond recognition.

For less offensive needs the Conduit can temporarily transform themselves into their paper constructs, or simply adopt the lightness of paper to ride wind currents. This allows them to break up their body into smaller pieces of paper and move through the environment much faster and with far more verticality. A seemingly more advanced form of this ability lets the Conduit teleport from one location to another with only a collection of scrap paper left where they were stood.


  • It is the only power in InFamous: Second Son that Delsin Rowe does not absorb.
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