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Parting of the Ways is the fourth mission in Infamous: Second Son. It starts immediately after the Aftermath.

The Mission

A Plan

I'm gonna be different, Okay? I'm not there doing what they do, I'm there to save lives, I'm gonna be like Superman.
― Delsin Rowe (determinate)

Feeling responsible for the Akomish members slowly dying, Delsin and Reggie head to Seattle in hopes of copying Augustine's Concrete power. The Rowe brothers soon have their adventure stopped when they come to find the havoc caused by the escaped Conduits that snug into Seattle. Reggie and Delsin come out of Reggie's truck and try to find a way on foot. Soon, Delsin accidentally absorbs a Blast Core which allows Delsin to shoot smoke out of his hands, using his new ability to shoot down a blast shard. The brothers hear a woman calling for help and the two split up with Reggie going to help her. Delsin continues to practice his new ability on more blast shards.

The Bus

Reggie tells Delsin that they found a bus and are attempting to help some people get into Seattle. After Delsin arrives to the bus, Reggie warns him not to use his powers in front of the people but Delsin finds no other way to bring down the Concrete barricade in front of the bus. After clearing the way, Delsin attempts to get on the bus. Reggie calls Delsin on his phone, and tells him that he can't get on the bus and that people are scared of him. After some arguing and threatening, Delsin agrees and lets the bus go on without him. Delsin continues on foot to Seattle and enters a tunnel where he loses signal with his brothers.

The Bioterrorist Threat

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