Photo Finish' Is a side mission found in the Gas Works District in inFamous 2, in which Cole once again takes photo‘s using the special camera Zeke created for him.


Zeke contacts Cole requesting his photographic skills again. He’s heard about an explosion at the Plague Ward and wants some photos to see if it’s the Beast‘s handwork. Once Cole has taken the picture, Zeke observes that the blast zone seems familiar, but then asks Cole for a picture of the Ice Tower exclaiming “that thing's crazy”. Once Cole has took a picture of it, the Ice Soldiers send an Ice Titan after him. Zeke, sensing an opportunity, asks Cole to “get some shots of his powers” Cole manages to take pictures of the Titan firing an ice beam, regenerating a lost arm and throwing ice balls in his direction before defeating him.


  • When Zeke states that the damage caused by The Beast at the plague ward “looked kind of familiar somehow” he could be referencing how much it looks like Ground Zero, the area destroyed in the Empire City Blast.


Video Walkthrough

inFamous 2 Walkthrough Side Missions Part 69: Photo Finish



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