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Photo Mode in use.

Photo Mode is a feature available for Infamous: Second Son and Infamous: First Light. This tool is enabled by going into the options and turning it on under 'Controls'. Once enabled, the feature will activate once the player presses the L3 button (for Second Son) or R3 button (for First Light) while outside of a cutscene, which would then freeze the in-game world and allow the player to adjust many artistic options, such as filters, camera orientation, depth of field, etc., in order to make good snapshots.


Photo Mode offers 5 adjustible mechanics:

  • Camera Orientation: Allows the players to orbit the camera in a sphericle style (around the center), head-style (up, down, left, right), as well as tilt it sideways.
  • Camera Position: Allows the players to move the camera towards and away from Delsin/Abigail.
  • Field of View: Allows the players to zoom in and out of the picture
  • Depth of Field: Allows the players to adjust focus clearity and distance of focus, thus allowing the players to blur certain parts of the image.
  • Color Grading: Allows the player to choose between 13 different astonishing filters to add some colors to the image (or even remove it). Also, First Light allows to change the intensity of filter (from 0% to 100%)

Using these features, the players are able to create amazing artistic screenshots of in-game footage. Sucker Punch Prod. made many competitions for the fanbase to create good images using Photo Mode, as well as many other competitions on sites such as Reddit and NeoGAF.


An open Gallery is available for any and all editiors here: Photo Mode/Gallery