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PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is a fighting/action game that contains multiple characters from several Sony exclusive games as well as other third-party games. The most notable character in the game is the inclusion of Cole Macgrath, the protagonist of the Infamous series and also it's mascot.

The game was released in Japan first on November 8, 2012, then in the US on November 20, 2012. Followed by Europe which received the game on November 21, 2012 and then Australia and the UK, which received it on November 22 and 23 respectively.


The gameplay is of a multiplayer brawler style. Up to four players can battle each other using characters from various Sony franchises such as God of War, PaRappa the Rapper and Cole Macgrath, as well as third-party franchises like BioShock. There are, however, differences in how opponents are defeated. During the game, players damage other players to receive orbs that build up a power meter at the bottom of the screen (These orbs can also be found on the stage over the course of the match).

Cole battles Sweet Tooth, an example of how the game is played.

Earning enough power allows players to use one of three levels of super moves which can be used to defeat opponents and earn points. Arenas are also inspired by various PlayStation titles, with some areas mashing up two titles into one (for example, a location from InFamous called Alden's Tower receives a visit from Carmelita Fox, a character from the Sly Cooper franchise).


On July the 15th 2012, it was officially revealed that the InFamous series was to be featured in All-Stars, the features include:

  • Cole Macgrath/Good karma and Evil karma versions.
  • Alden's Tower, which is a battle area that makes players fight to the top as the camera moves upwards, forcing everyone to climb before they're killed.

Cole's Powers[]

Cole, like in the actual InFamous games, still has many powerful abilities; several of these are powers that have appeared in both inFamous games:



PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale [1]