Playing Doctor

IF Playing Doc
Start: Neon District
Reward: 100xp

Playing Doctor is a side mission found in the Neon District in inFamous. In which Cole faces a Karmic Choice.


"Some guys in my squad got hurt fighting the Reapers. If you help them, I‘ll give you these Blast Shards"
— A police officer asks for help.
Cole meets with a Police officer
IF Playing Doc 1

The karmic choice.

who’s squad had been injured during a battle with the Reapers. He asks Cole if he can help the wounded, using his powers. He tells Cole that the injured offices are just around the corner near the police station and shows him a locker full of Blast Shards that he can have as a reward. Cole must then make a karmic choice:

Karmic momentEdit


Heal the police officers, hurt fighting the reapers, with Pulse Heal. Once all three injured officers are heals the officer who had asked Cole of assistance contacts him once more and informs him that the Reapers are back, that they want the Shards. Cole races back to the officer to find him cornered by a group of Reapers, however with the aid of the officers he had just healed, Cole is able to defeat the Reapers and claim his reward.


Ignoring the officers plead for help, Cole steals the Blast Shards from the police officers locker.


Video WalkthroughEdit

InFamous Neon District - Playing Doctor

InFamous Neon District - Playing Doctor

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