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Playing Doctor was a neutral side mission in Infamous. Cole was to heal a squad of injured police officers.

Objective[edit | edit source]

Cole met with a police officer whose squad had been injured during a battle with the Reapers. He asked Cole if he could heal the wounded officers, who were lying in an area just around the corner near the police station. The officer then showed him a locker full of blast shards that he would let Cole have as a reward. At this point, Cole contemplated on whether he should help the officer's squad or just ignore the officer's request and steal the shards.

Good karma: Cole healed the police officers while fighting the Reapers that attacked. Once all three injured officers were healed, the main officer alerted Cole back to his presence, as the Reapers returned for the shards. Cole raced back to find the officer cornered by the enemies. However, with the aid of the officers he had healed, Cole was able to defeat the Reapers and claim his reward.

Evil karma: Ignoring the officers plead for help, Cole stole the shards from the police officer's locker.

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