Playing Hero was the eighteenth story mission in Infamous. Cole ventured through another sewer to restore power to another section of the Warren.


Cole phoned Moya to let her know he was on his way to the next substation. While he did so, she mentioned that she was tracking a couple of new developments, which she would fill Cole in on after the next substation was activated. Cole ventured through the sewers and received a call from Zeke, who lamented that even with the help that "they" had given Dwight's sister, he had just seen her hanging on some other guy's arm. Cole gave his friend his commiserations, but Zeke made no big deal out of it, exclaiming that it would just give him a chance to "play the field".

Upon re-establishing the circuit on the underground transformer, Cole received the Megawatt Hammer ability. Making his way through the remainder of the sewer, Cole faced several groups of Dust Men, giving him the opportunity to test out the new power. Finally reaching the substation, Cole recharged it before returning to the streets above.


Upon entering the sewer, you will see the underground transformer in plain sight. Once you re-establish its circuit, you will gain Megawatt Hammer, a powerful electrical blast with great range and the ability to travel through chain link fences. This will come in handy against the Dust Men you encounter later on.

Try out your new power on the lone Dust Man in the tunnel, then enter and finish him off. At the other end, fire more at the Dust Men below, and also try to shoot the water for some quick kills. Drop down and cross the platforms.

You will also find the Megawatt Hammer to be quite useful against shielded enemies. Cross the large column platforms and approach your enemies. You can also snipe your foes in between the columns if spotted. Use the tunnel to reach the next area. Follow the walkway to where you will spot two Dust Men perched on columns, standing behind protective fences. You can still defeat with Megawatt Hammers. Leap over to the area behind where they were. You will face a little more resistance as you cross the columns. After taking out the Shielded Dust Men, you will enter another tunnel. At the end here, take cover. You will see on the far right is an RPG Dust Man. Return fire with either Shockwaves or Megawatt Hammers.

As you approach the end of the sewer, a final group of enemies attack. Clear them out by using Shock Grenades and Megawatt Hammers. As usual, you will need to charge up the power box on the substation to restore more power to the district and complete the mission.


Infamous Walkthrough - Story Mission 18 - Playing Hero

Infamous Walkthrough - Story Mission 18 - Playing Hero

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